AKLAN | Bakhawan Eco-Park ~ Creaking My Way Through Kalibo’s Mangrove Forest

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Lush Mangroves at Kalibo's Bakhawan Eco Park

The rickety bamboo pathway creaked under my weight as my foot descended in stride. I was walking along at the massive Mangrove Forest in Kalibo, the Bakhawan Eco-Park, spending a day before my flight back to Manila at one of the most peaceful sanctuaries in the province of Aklan.

Zigzag Pathway at Kalibo's Bakhawan Eco Park

The Bakhawan Eco-Park, as it is officially called, is a sprawling 220-hectare mud flat that has been transformed into a mangrove haven by the Aklanons, NGOs (particularly Kalibo Save the Mangroves) and the local government.

Bakhawan is a local Visayan term for mangroves.


A Boat Docked at Kalibo's Bakhawan Eco Park

Twenty years ago, the whole area is a barren coastline, totally unprotected from the harsh elements of the sea. Today, the place is teeming with life; so much so that the Bakhawan Eco-Park has been named by UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization as an exemplary project in the Asia Pacific region.


Elevated Pathway at Kalibo's Bakhawan Eco Park

The reforested coastline is home to various kinds of mangrove trees.

How many species to be exact? I’m really not sure. But before visiting this man-made forest, I thought there’s only one kind of mangrove tree. Stupid me, I know, haha. What’s more curious is that these trees also have genders!


Kingfisher at Kalibo's Bakhawan Eco Park

Besides the lush mangroves, Kalibo’s Bakhawan Eco-Park is also home to various species of birds, the only one I can recognize though is the blue kingfisher. I’ve seen quite a few just a few meters from me and they seemed to be not that bothered by the presence of people—perfect for bird enthusiasts.

A Curious Fish at Kalibo's Bakhawan Eco Park

I also heard that mudcrabs, similar to those at the Pontevedra Market Capiz, are also regularly caught here by the locals. Tamiloks or woodworms also abound. In fact you can even ask for a demonstration and eat one yourself.

Although I haven’t tried one, I heard they actually taste like mussels.

Gift Shop at Kalibo's Bakhawan Eco Park

A gift shop cum gallery is located near the park’s entrance and hosts a few paintings and photographs of the place. You can get some snacks and bottles of water from their small store, but not much else.

Rickety Pathways at Kalibo's Bakhawan Eco Park

To explore the eco park, a footbridge made from bamboo winds through the bakhawan. It feels rickety at first, but rest assured, these things can carry your weight as it certainly did mine. And I’m no lightweight.

The path, which is elevated a few meters from the ground, is pretty long, totaling at 1.3 kilometers in length.

Cottages for Rent at Kalibo's Bakhawan Eco Park

There are numerous huts and sitting area to rest along the way, just in case you tire from all that walking or if you just want to relax and savor the peaceful atmosphere of the bakhawan. These are also ideal places to have picnics, you just have to pay the fee for renting the huts.

The End of the Road at Kalibo's Bakhawan Eco Park

After walking for more than thirty minutes through the Bakhawan Eco Park (I was walking real slow), I finally saw the end of the bamboo pathway.

From afar, I can see hints of blues. The Sibuyan Sea.

Graffiti at Kalibo's Bakhawan Eco Park

I rested a bit, reading the numerous graffiti written by bored teens along the bamboo fences, walls, and even floors of the shed, before heading back.

It was actually amusing to read the exchanges between posts by random strangers.

Blue Morning at Kalibo's Bakhawan Eco Park

I savored the scent of the calm sea one last time, looked up at the shockingly blue sky and listened to the whispers of the bakhawan leaves. I turned back and strode across the shaky wooden bridge, creaking along at each and every step once more.

How To Get There:
Hop on a tricycle anywhere around town and ask to be dropped at the Bakhawan Eco Park

Updated Fees (2022):
Entrance Fee: Adult ₱150.00, Aklanons ₱100.00, Seniors and PWD ₱80.00, Students (need ID) ₱50.00
Cottage Rental: ₱100.00
Tour Guide (optional): ₱200.00

Kalibo Bakhawan Eco-Park
Address: Brgy. New Buswang, Kalibo, Aklan
Contact Number: (0923) 568-9904
Opening Hours: 7:00AM to 6:00PM, Daily
GPS Coordinates Map: 11.718133, 122.385742

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  1. alam ko yung gender, pero may iba pa palang mangrove?! :0

  2. I was wondering Sir, katabi ba nyan ang pristine Beach ?

    1. I'm not sure Jonathan where Pristine Beach is. May beach sa dulo nung mangroves but I don't think that's the one you're looking for :)