EN ROUTE | Iligan to Cebu City

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sunset at Iligan Bay

The heavens across Mindanao flared. Reds and oranges lit the sky as the ferry I boarded slowly chugged along the Bay of Iligan, en route to the port of Ozamiz City before doing an overnight jaunt to the Queen City of the South. With a heavy heart, I was leaving Iligan City—its majestic waterfalls and more importantly, the fantastic companions I was with during the last six days in Mindanao.


Sunset at Iligan Bay

From afar, my eyes wandered across the horizon; through the layers of mountains that spread across the land far beyond Ozamiz City. The light show intensified and passengers, who have all seen thousands of sunsets through their lives started to take notice. Everyone knew that this is far from the regular everyday sunset. Fire continued to burn the sky as the sun retired below the horizon—the heavens struggling against the onset of twilight.

Sunset at Iligan Bay

With a final effort, a light burst on the western sky, signaling the sun’s death throes. The sky cooled down and evening started to reign. The passengers taking selfies and portraits against the fiery sky started back to their own places and prepared to bunk for the night.


The Cotta Shrine at Ozamiz City

After two hours, the ferry, probably the same one I rode from Cebu to Iligan City, anchored at the port of Ozamis City. It is my third time to visit the laid back city in less than a week. The crew let us board down to find dinner, reminding us not to wander too far, the ship would disembark from the port in exactly an hour.

Street Food at Ozamiz City

Bringing my huge backpack along, I again stepped on the concrete streets of Ozamiz City. I knew exactly where to eat, the Ozamiz street food barbecue vendors near the Cotta Fort.

A couple of sticks of betamax, chorizo, tinae, and two servings of puso rice and I was all set. It was a quick and cheap dinner, I was even able to revisit the Ozamiz Cotta Shrine and squeeze off a few nice evening photos of its imposing stone gate.

The Magellan Cross at Cebu City

Back at the ferry, I prepared for an evening across the sea. I was bunked on the cheapest area of the ship; there was no air-conditioning but the night was comfortably cool. After jotting a few notes, I laid down, tired and weary. I closed my eyes, hugging my backpack in bed, and waited for Cebu City to greet me in the coming morning.


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