PANGASINAN | Slow Morning, Sunrise at Bolinao Beach

Monday, March 25, 2013

Sunrise at Bolinao, Pangasinan

My soft bed at Puerto del Sol Bolinao whispered that there would be no beautiful light to be shed by the morning sky today. It promised me of deep comfort and restful slumber if I just lay off the thoughts of those lights and rays. I almost lost the struggle if not for the persistent quacking of my alarm clock; it was already thirty minutes to sunrise as I slowly broke off the drowning spell of sleep.

Serene Morning at Bolinao, PangasinanI know for a fact that I wouldn’t be getting a direct sunrise from this side of the land, Bolinao being located on the western seaboard of the country. But I’m just too hardheaded and too never-miss-a-moment kind of guy that I still decided to ditch my much needed sleep and take a chance on the light that might or might not be present that day.

Sunlight Filtering through Fences at Bolinao, PangasinanUnlike some mornings where I sulkily go back to bed due to lack of interesting light, my sacrifice at getting up before normal people do paid off. The low western clouds were bathed in orange and yellow hues from the rising eastern sun, contrasting perfectly with the blue green hues of the morning sky.

A Fisherman at Bolinao, PangasinanBolinao’s coast is protected by a natural breakwater hundreds of meters from the shore causing an almost mirror-like serenity over the whole horizon. The low-lying clouds, even bereft of the ephemeral colors lent by the morning sun looked stately as it reflected perfectly over the surface of the sea.

Kids Playing at Bolinao, PangasinanThe golden light disappeared immediately as it appeared. I began to turn back, lured again by the thoughts of sleep, when a group of kids, innocently huddled over a corner of the beach, diverted my attention. I realized that there are more interesting subjects to frame and capture than mere light.

Egrets Having a Morning Feast at Bolinao, PangasinanI trained my lens on the horizon and found a patch of land replete with white egrets gliding over still waters. My feet led mo the direction of the flock before my mind said yes. But the landscape was not cooperating with the new morning plan. The water was too deep and I was unable to find a way to traverse to the mini islet; faraway, too close.

A Couple at Bolinao, PangasinanPeople slowly started to litter the once deserted beach as the sun begun to rise higher. Couples out for a taste of the sweet morning, joggers wanting to break a sweat and sun-sensitive beings wanting to have a dip at the sea before the heat becomes too oppressive for their pale sunblocked skin.

A Fisherman Busy at Work at Bolinao, PangasinanBut the real characters of Bolinao’s beach are the fisher folks who rose even earlier than me, not to shoot a fancy sunrise, but to simply put food on their family’s table. These guys are the unsung heroes of this town.

Mornings at Bolinao, PangasinanThe sun continued its juggernaut into the stratosphere. I beheld for the last time the calm and chaos of Bolinao’s waters far into the horizon; noting the graceful movements of fishermen as the egrets do.

Bolinao Location Map

Puerto del Sol Beach Resort and Hotel Club
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  1. It was a slow morning but a very beautiful day to start your day with especially with these seascapes Bolinao.

    I miss this place...

  2. I miss Bolinao.. I skipped the sunrise photowalk all together when I stayed here.
    As you say, its the western sea board.. Sunset is a different story though. :)

    1. Sayang, may kulay din kasi minsan ang sunrise kahit nasa western part ka nakaharap. :)

  3. beach, slow morning, kind of dream life :))
    ganda po ng mga pictures ♥

  4. ang swabe nung first shot. ang husay lang talaga!

  5. Kung minsan gusto pa nating matulog dahil kelangan din talaga nating mag rest but our passion would always push us to do like taking this slow morning shots in Bolinao. Kahit pala slow morning, may magagandang spots din palang puedeng maging subjects natin sa photography ha bro.:-).

    1. Basta nasa beach, hindi ka halos talaga mauubusan ng subjects :)

  6. You really have a talent when it comes to photography. You have good captures of any scenes. This is a nice place. :)

  7. In this case, allow me to post my version of this trip - sans the gorgeous photographs -- just photos -- of me :D

    Still, I am amazed that you were up that morning, after what you guys did in the hot tub! :P