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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lakad Pilipinas Japan

Lakad Pilipinas Japan

If you’re gonna ask me what I would remember the most during my three-day jaunt in Japan, it would probably be the rain. It poured days and nights the whole time we were in the so-called Land of the Rising Sun. But it was not a deterrent for exploration. Drenched and soggy, we still braved the streets of Tokyo and Kanagawa as much as time would allow.

Japan used to be an unreachable dream that I thought would totally remain as a such. I’m totally indebted to Sony Philippines for picking me to follow Sony Alpha’s new camera ambassadors; Pilar Tuason, Manny Librodo and Pepe Diokno to Japan.

I’ve been using a Sony NEX5n camera since winning it from the KLM-DPP On Assignment: Europe a few years back and the Sony A77 and other lenses (I so love the E 10-18mm!)provided by Sony for this trip perfectly complimented it.

Subarashii Japan!

   P O S T C A R D S
   Impossible Japan

   D A Y  O N E  |  T O K Y O

   Manila – Japan
   Of Geishas and Kaisekis
   The Old and the New at Toranomon’s Konpira Shrine
   Almost Paris at the Tokyo Tower
   D A Y  T W O  |  T O K Y O  &  K A N A G A W A

   Rainy Morning to Atago Shrine
   Old Castles and Unending Rains 
   Rushing Lunch at Yumoto Fujiya Hotel
   Reveries on Cemeteries
   Mists and Trails at Hakone’s Fujiya Hotel 
   Secret Temples
   Braving Tokyo’s Underground
   Rainy Nights at Shibuya Crossing
   Two Nights at Tokyo’s Okura Hotel

   D A Y  T H R E E  |  T O K Y O

   Buying Memories at Asakusa’s Nakamise Street
   The Oldest Buddhist Temple in Japan
   Mementos and Souvenirs


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  1. Replies
    1. Just be prepared to really spend, it's a bit expensive in Japan, but it's definitely worth every yen :)

  2. Wow, you covered a lot in three days! I spent six months in Tokyo and I did not even see Tokyo Tower until my second, very brief visit.

    1. Haha desperate lang to maximize my visit sir Bert, first timer eh :P

  3. Wow all expense paid trip. Kakainggit naman!:D Nakapunta na rin ako sa Japan kaso hanggang Nagoya Airport lang.haha

  4. lovely photos idol! nung bata ko yan ang place na gusto ko puntahan (mahilig kasi ko sa anime hehe) kelan mo ba kami dadalhin dyan :P

    1. Haha teka gagawa ako ng Lakad Japan tour, mura lang. Game!? :D

  5. Grabeeee hindi ko pa rin to nababasaaaaa! Pauwi na sina Yoshke maiinggit na naman akoooo. Hahaha.