PANGASINAN | Floating Inside Bolinao’s Wonderful Cave

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Floating at Bolinao's Wonderful Cave

Stuffed with lunch and done with our waterfall activities, we again clambered on Puerto del Sol’s van to see more of Bolinao. A spelunking activity was next on our itinerary and we’d be doing it under one of the town’s three caves, the most wonderful of the three in fact; we’re getting down and dirty at Bolinao’s Wonderful Cave.

The Short Walk to Bolinao's Wonderful CaveAnd yes, it’s literally named Wonderful Cave. And why not, if I was gonna christen a cave I discovered, I would probably also name it after some great sounding adjective, like the Most Awesome Cave or Super Extra Cool Cave, haha. I guess I’ll just have to make sure that it is as excellent as its name suggests; otherwise it would be better if I simply name it as Cave #1 or something generic.

Entrance to Bolinao's Wonderful CaveThe cave is located on a hilly part of town and we had to navigate a slight slope to get there. No worries though as the path is already paved in concrete steps. The entrance can only accommodate a single person and a queue quickly developed outside since we were eleven in the group.

Bolinao's Wonderful Cave, Crowded by BloggersWonderful Cave isn’t as large as most caves I’ve been to. It was actually really quite small, a basketball court is bigger I think. But what it lacks in size, it makes up with delight.

Bolinao's Wonderful CaveThe floor of the cave is made up of a very cold freshwater natural pool. And tourists are allowed to dip in and actually swim on it! The floor is quite rocky so footwear’s a must for those planning to go in for a swim. The water can go as high as chest-deep on some parts, but most areas are shallow. There is apparently a secret room inside the cave the we were unable to explore.

Swimming at Bolinao's Wonderful CaveThe whole cave seemed made of craggy limestone rocks. And although the ceiling of Wonderful Cave goes up pretty high, it was stifling hot inside. I would have jumped down the water with the gang if I only I was wearing proper swimwear.

Trees Growing Above Bolinao's Wonderful CaveAfter a few minutes, I couldn’t stand the heat anymore and went topside where I noticed eerily-shaped trees growing in the area. I know it doesn’t look that strange in the photo, but it really does in real life haha.

Relaxing Dip at Bolinao's Wonderful CaveBut the real issue here is if Wonderful Cave lives up its name and is indeed really wonderful. In all honesty, even if the cave wasn’t that big and even if I wasn’t able to take a dip, I find the cave to be quite wonderful in a way (what more if I was able to swim). Its petite size actually makes it even more interesting especially for casual cavers like us.

Bolinao Location Map

Wonderful Cave
Address: Patar, Bolinao, Pangasinan
Contact Number: (0908) 714-2210 
Entrance Fee: Php40.00 (Php70.00 if swimming)
Open Hours: 6:00AM - 6:30PM

GPS Coordinates: 16.340623,119.802845
View Location on Google Maps: Click Here

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  1. may phobia ako sa caves kaya ndi kobet ganitong eksena pero ang gnada ng kuha kaya nakaka engganyo subukan ,,,, idol!

  2. is this the same cave with what they call enchanted cave?