PANGASINAN | Round Two at Bolinao Falls 2

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

At Pangasinan's Bolinao Falls 2

Still not satisfied in visiting the first Bolinao Falls, we made our way to another waterfall some minutes away from our first rendezvous. Seems the locals at Bolinao are having a hard time naming their waterfalls as this second one is also anonymously named as Bolinao Falls 2.

Hot Day at Pangasinan's Bolinao Falls 2Before plunging down another ravine towards the waterfall, the gang decided to let off some steam. The combination of a briskly shining sun and a halo-halo stand near the falls’ parking area was just too much; we easily gave in to temptation and ordered a glass of the cool refreshment each.

Dirt Steps at Pangasinan's Bolinao Falls 2A makeshift stairs made from dirt and bamboo poles signals the path towards Bolinao Falls 2. I can just imagine how unforgivably muddy it would be during the rainy season. We were still thankful to the weather even if it was just too darn hot.

Shaded Area at Pangasinan's Bolinao Falls 2The bottom of the ravine was very rocky and we had to cross some bamboo mini-bridges before finally saying hello to the waterfalls. Luckily, there were enough trees clinging on to the rocky landscape to cool the surrounding area.

Pangasinan's Bolinao Falls 2Similar to what happened at Bolinao Falls 1, everyone was instantly clad in their swimwear once we reached the falls. And who can blame them? The turquoise-colored water was just too tempting! Factor in the heat of the midday sun and even non-swimmers would probably jump in the water.

Tourists Having a Grand Time at Pangasinan's Bolinao Falls 2I saw a few rubber floaters made from tire interiors being used by some of the tourists swimming in the area. I’m guessing the falls goes down pretty deep near the cascades. As proof, local boys started jumping down from the top of the falls.

Rentable Huts at Pangasinan's Bolinao Falls 2Now, this really piqued my interest since I haven’t cliff-jumped since my first jumping caper in Camotes Island. I quickly deposited my things on one of the rentable open huts near the water and checked the upper portion of the waterfall.

Natural Pool above the Waterfalls at Pangasinan's Bolinao Falls 2I was surprised to find a smaller natural pool above the main falls. There were mini-water cascades that only go up to a foot or two. The water goes up to the waist at its deepest; perfect for kids. The rocks however were quite slippery so care must still be taken when navigating the water.

At Pangasinan's Bolinao Falls 2Slowly and carefully walking towards the edge, I asked a couple of guys if the water was deep enough for someone like me to jump into. They both nodded, grinned and pointed me to the jumping ledge.

With an elevation of around 15 feet, Bolinao Falls 2 doesn’t look that high from below; but once you’re on top of its cascades, it looks too freakin’ high! So before I completely chickened out, I quickly counted to three, jumped and took the plunge!

Bolinao Location Map

Bolinao Falls 2 
Address: Brgy. Samang Norte, Bolinao, Pangasinan
Entrance Fee: Free‎
Parking Fee: Motorcycle Php10.00 | Tricycle Php15.00
Car Php20.00 | Bus Php35.00
Cottage Rental: Php300.00

GPS Coordinates: 16.307742,119.865504
View Location on Google Maps: Click Here

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  1. This place looks so awesome! Now I am asking myself why I had to miss this place when we went to Pangasinan last month. Boohoo!

    1. Wow sayang! Medyo mabato lang yung basin, pero swak na swak for summer!