PUBLISHED | The University of Santo Tomas 2013 Calendar

Friday, March 15, 2013

University of Santo Tomas 2013 Calendar

My mom came home one night about a month ago and asked me why I didn’t give her a UST Calendar. Confused, I asked her why should I be giving her one when it’s already February? Besides, I don’t recall being a a calendar-giving person.

She explained that her officemate got a copy of the University of Santo Tomas’ 2013 calendar and related to her how she read my name beneath one of the photographs featured inside.

Aha, so that explains it.

My Photo at University of Santo Tomas 2013 CalendarTo be honest, I have no idea that UST has republished my winning photo, Enlightenment, from their Quadricentennial Photo Contest last 2010. I recall something on the fine print of the said contest that they have a right to republish my photo for at least two years after the contest proper. Hmmm, I think their right has already lapsed.

Besides my picture, it features other images from some photographers that I really look up to like Paul Quiambao and Mon Corpuz, among others. It’s quite an honor to be featured side by side with these giants.

University of Santo Tomas 2013 CalendarMy main beef with UST’s 2013 Calendar besides its cheesy inside pages font, print quality and layout was their lack of courtesy to even send me a single copy of the calendar; it would’ve really made my mom’s day if they had. Good thing her officemate has an extra one, we’ll just have to wait ‘til November for my picture to be displayed in our living room hehe.

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