ZAMBALES | Rushing through Subic’s Tree Top Adventure

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Silver Surfer at Subic's Tree Top Adventure

I held on to the handle bars, my grip tight as a vise, and waited for release. I suddenly rushed through an open expanse of the forest; everything zipped past and became a blur. A whooping shout involuntary escaped from my lips, I was riding above Subic’s dense treetops, Superman style!
Briefing at Subic's Tree Top AdventureI’m really not one for adrenaline rides; I hardly ever go to amusement parks, participate in water sports or ride park zip lines. It’s not that I’m a scaredy cat or anything; I just really don’t find them interesting. And the fact that I would have to pay a huge amount just to get that thrill doesn’t add to the appeal either.

The Tree Tops at Subic's Tree Top AdventurePart of our weekend itinerary in Subic was to try out its popular Tree Top Adventure. I wasn’t exactly thrilled but since it was gonna be free, I decided I might as well try it out.

Located at the densely forested part of the Subic Bay Freeport, the Treetop Adventure consists of six separate activities; the Canopy Ride (Php350.00), Superman Ride (Php200.00), Trekking Adventure (Php100.00), Silver Surfer (Php250.00), Interactive Free Fall Adventure (Php250.00) and the Tree Drop Adventure (Php150.00).

Tickets to Subic's Tree Top AdventureVisitors can avail each one separately, get a few, or purchase everything in a package for a cheaper rate. We were supposed to try out three activities but due to the windy condition, we were unable to avail of the Interactive Free Fall Adventure. Safety first of course.

Riding the Silver Surfer at Subic's Tree Top AdventureThe first activity we tried was the Silver Surfer. Like the enigmatic Marvel Comics superhero, we were gonna be riding a sort of surfboard and skim through air. Our platform doesn’t look like a surfboard though when we got there, it’s more of a horizontal foot platform held by a vertical bar where handholds also attached on its upper portion.

Fun at Subic's Tree Top AdventureA host of harnesses ensures safety even if we let go of the handle bars, which is really more fun to do than simply holding on to it. The ride must be scary for people with fear of heights but I really didn’t feel anything while on it. I guess this is a good introductory ride for those hesitant to try the other more heart-pumping activities.

Safety First at Subic's Tree Top AdventureNext up was the Superman Ride. We put on another set of harnesses and helmets before climbing a flight of stairs where our ride awaits. I have tried a few zip lines in the past; from Tagaytay’s Picnic Grove to Albay’s Lignon Hill, but it always fail to ignite any sort of excitement in me. I always feel it to be too short and too tame (and not to mention, too expensive).

Superman Ride at Subic's Tree Top AdventureSubic’s zip line however seemed different. It was the first time I let out an involuntary shout as I zoomed towards the other end of the line. I’m not sure if it was simply the way riders are set up Superman-style or the speed of the ride, but what I know is that it was exhilarating!

Friends at Subic's Tree Top AdventurePictures are being taken by the Treetop official photographer the whole time and everything was ready for viewing after we disengaged from our straps. The photos are top-notch and really captured our experience from the adventure. The only problem was, it was too expensive! A single printed photo costs Php200.00.
Photo Ops at Subic's Tree Top AdventureMost of my companions would’ve bought a few of the pictures if not for the prohibitive price. I think it would be more beneficial for them to lower their fees; less profit margin per photo but more revenue from the bulk of pictures sold at the end of the day. They’re happy, the customers are happy.

Safety Gear at Subic's Tree Top AdventureI surprisingly had a great time at Subic’s Tree Top Adventure. I know these kinds of activities are really not for me but I enjoyed the quick rush it provided. It’s a good group activity that is more enjoyable with the company of friends and families that would egg and tease you non-stop as you step on the brink of an adrenaline rush.


Subic Tree Top Adventure
Address: JEST Area, Upper Mau Cubi Point, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales
Telephone: (047) 252-9425 | (0920) 628-8740
Website: Click Here
Rates and Group Packages: Click Here

GPS Coordinates: 14.790796,120.295208
View Location on Google Maps: Click Here


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  1. Sayang yung tree drop adventure, yun yung kinakatakutan ko na parang gusto ko ring itry. :))

    1. Oo nga eh, yun din yung medyo kinakatakutan ko na gusto ko ring i try :P

  2. Just the mere looks at this and how that girl feared it, made me rethink if I ever had to endure it. Mica seemed to be enjoying alot haha.