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Monday, March 11, 2013

Walking Above the Ground at Subic's JEST Camp Adventure

We were ready for anything after the adrenaline rush of the Subic Tree Top Adventure. Our next activity however turned out to be much tamer than the previous one, we would be visiting the JEST Camp which was just a few meters away from our current location.

Cooking Bamboo Rice at Subic's JEST Camp AdventureJEST or Jungle Environment Survival Training is a lot like the Subic Pamulaklakin Trail I visited a year ago where locals teach visitors the essentials in surviving in the forest by properly and efficiently utilizing its resources with minimal tools on hand.

Since the afternoon was getting late, we however didn’t get to try their survival training. What we were able to do was visit their Bird Discovery Center, the Finches’s Fort and their Maze of (Mis)Fortune, or at least that’s what I think it’s called.

Peacock (or is it Peahen) at Subic's JEST Camp AdventureThe first thing that caught our attention after entering their grounds was the peacock (or was it peahen?) that continuously flaunt its majestic plumage. It was sort of like a good preview of what we were about to see inside the JEST aviary.

Interesting Birds at Subic's JEST Camp AdventureTheir bird park hosts a whole plethora of colorful flying wonders. They have the usual parrots and cockatoos, which can even become pets, but they also have rarer species like the Peregrine Falcon, which is considered as the fastest bird in the world.

Huge Parrots at Subic's JEST Camp AdventureThe birds are housed in huge cages, some with trees and a few with natural branches where they can comfortably perch on. Everything looks organized and well-kept, unlike some of the zoos found in the metro. Additionally, the birds all look healthy and well-fed.

The Bird Discovery Center at Subic's JEST Camp AdventureOur funny guide made sure we were entertained the whole time, cracking jokes here and there, making the usual zoo tour much more interesting than they usually were especially for people who’re really not into these kinds of things. He doesn’t have to worry about me though, I love animals!

Cute Finches at Subic's JEST Camp AdventureRight on one corner of the aviary near the Finch’s Fort is an obstacle course suspended some feet above the ground. I think this is what they call the Maze of (Mis)Fortune. Ropes, barrels and floating steps hang over the air and we’re expected to complete all of them without falling off.

Doing the Catwalk at Subic's JEST Camp AdventureThe first level was easy enough; a simple v-shaped hanging bridge with handholds. R of The Traveling Dork was even able to do a no-hands while crossing it.

Passing Through Barrels at Subic's JEST Camp AdventureThe next one was easier still, a floating barrel where we have to crawl through. Piece of cake even for someone who’s not as fit, like me hehe.

Hanging on for Dear Life at Subic's JEST Camp AdventureThe third obstacle was a lot harder. A single steel wire was all we have for our feet with dangling ropes above as our only life saver. It looks easy on the picture but the wire actually wobbles if you’re not sure with your footing.

Mid-Air Split at Subic's JEST Camp AdventureBut it was a breeze compared to the next course. The next bridge looks like mini swings and like the previous one looks easier than in real life. Sure delicate steps are needed to complete this one as a hard haphazard one would easily send you into a mid-air split. And it ain’t easy getting back to a normal stance after that.

Easy as a Cake at Subic's JEST Camp AdventureAfter that hairy walk, I was now contemplating of simply quitting. Good thing that the spider rope bridge, which was next in line, was a simple walk in the park. The tighter configuration of the ropes were quite assuring even if you miss a step.

Zipping to the Finish Line at Subic's JEST Camp AdventureThe final leg had us hurling to the finish on a zip line. I was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief as I sped through the late afternoon breeze. Halfway through the aerial obstacle course, I was already thinking why I was subjecting myself to this kind of stress, but after finishing the course, I’m actually excited to do everything again if given the chance.

R's New Best Friend at Subic's JEST Camp AdventureSubic’s JEST Camp was totally unexpected. I was thinking along the lines of jungle bolos, drinking from plant stems, and cooking rice from bamboos but what I got instead were colorful birds and exhilarating airwalks. A perfect exercise to burn a few pounds of fat for a dinner binge later that night.


Subic-Location-Map3_thumbSubic JEST Camp
Address: JEST Area, Upper Mau Cubi Point, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales
Rates and Group Packages: Click Here
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 9AM-6PM | Sat-Sun: 8AM-6PM
GPS Coordinates Map: 14.79202,120.294478  

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  1. peacock nga ata yun. panget kasi mga peahen eh :)

  2. Love it. Ang daming kong pwet shots. HAHA :P

  3. nax galing naman ni robbie! no-hands! bida si elal! hehe

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  5. hi christian! visit us again this year, let me know so i can make arrangement. by march we will launch the bird show :) - Elaine