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Sunday, March 03, 2013

Baguio's Weekend Night Market

A swirling mob of shoppers generated a soft buzz through the bitter cold night of Baguio City as I descended from an alley across Session Road. I’ve been through many night markets in the city but have never seen anything quite like what I was witnessing now.
Jampacked at Baguio's Weekend Night MarketConsidered as the country’s ukay ukay capital, Baguio City is outdoing itself every weekend nights as it lays down the biggest ukay fest along one of its main thoroughfares. The whole block adjacent to Burnham Park’s Melvin Jones Grandstand is being filled to brimming with nothing but secondhand apparels being sold at dirt cheap prices.

Second Hand Jackets at Baguio's Weekend Night MarketThe street is jampacked with people jostling for space; checking secondhand shirts, jackets, dresses, boots, sandals, sneakers, bags, toys and caps. With prices as low as Php10.00, I really don’t have to wonder why the place is being mobbed every week.

Fashionistas on the Hunt at Baguio's Weekend Night MarketI took a breather from the multitudes and bought myself a hot cup of coffee. I watched the people milling about and found that these are not your usual Juans and Marias, these are true blue fashionistas hunting for the cheapest deals for their collections.

Sandals and Sneakers at Baguio's Weekend Night MarketAside from the thrift-store apparels, I also found brand new stuff from the wares being peddled across the area. Branded North Face bag and jacket knock-offs, baseball caps and unbranded sandals.

Huge Mickey Mouse Stuffed Toy at Baguio's Weekend Night MarketIt took one whole hour for me to traverse the whole area, and I wasn’t even really inspecting the stuff being sold thoroughly. It would probably take a passionate ukay lover a few hours to check all the interesting stuff being sold here.

Baguio's Weekend Night MarketI’ve posted a few articles about Baguio City’s ukay ukay stores, but these new weekend night markets simply takes away the cake. I was totally blown away by the massive scale of this fair, something totally not to be missed when visiting the city.

Baguio Location Map

Baguio Night Market
Address: Harrison Road near Burnham Park, Baguio City
Open Hours: Every Weekend 9:00PM – 12:00AM (or thereabouts)

GPS Coordinates: 16.412737,120.595532
Click to View Location on Google Maps

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  1. Oh damn I was here ang parang gusto kong tumabling sa dami ng tao!
    Pagod na pagod ako.. parang walking zombie kami sa slow ng lakad namin sa DAMI ng tao..sayang ang mumura talaga pero wala na talaga ako pera that time

    1. Sobrang dami talaga June! Inabot ako ng isang oras just to make a single round!

  2. One hundred percent sure ako na mag-eenjoy ang nanay ko sa ukay ukay fest dito! :D

  3. Whoa! A night market, I am such a sucker for bargain clothes! Baguio's ukay-ukay is actually one of my favorite destinations in the city.

  4. miss ko na din to! lahat na! hehe

  5. maganda pag maka timing ng nag aaway na baklang tindera at customer na babae... para ka lang nasa comedy bar kung magkasagutan :D

  6. Baguio weekend night market can be considered the best place for bargain hunters. But the street light coverage must be expanded to eliminate blind spots.

    1. It's pretty safe naman Noel, shempre streetwise lang din dapat lagi

  7. I had gone also in Baguio & I experienced this Night Market. Sobrang saya lang ^_^ I bought sunglasses!
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