CEBU | Overnight Stay at Virgin Beach Resort in Daanbantayan

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Virgin Beach Resort at Daanbantayan, Cebu

We missed the bus terminal going to Daanbantayan and had to circle Cebu City before finally boarding a bus bound to the north of the island. We were going to Malapascua but the night was getting too deep. Our only option was to spend the night somewhere around the area and continue our journey in the morning. We found Virgin Beach Resort at Daanbantayan through Roomorama which is relatively near the port that serves Malapascua and decided to make it our home for the night.

Night Sky at Virgin Beach Resort at Daanbantayan, CebuDaanbantayan is located at the northern tip of Cebu and has relatively low light pollution. After passing through rows of trees, I looked up and saw constellations of stars shining across the heavens. After my eyes adjusted to the dark, the majesty of the Milky Way slowly came into view.

Virgin Beach Resort at Daanbantayan, CebuStill giddy from capturing a galaxy on my camera, we headed to our room which is located on the far end of the resort. We booked the cheapest room available (Php800.00) since we were only gonna stay here for a short period of time.

Virgin Beach Resort at Daanbantayan, CebuThe building housing it looks decent enough with its sawali walls and veranda. A central hall opens to rooms on each side with the common bathroom at the far end. The rooms are just enough for two; a queen-sized bed on one corner and a small table opposite it. It’s nothing fancy but good enough for backpackers and budget travelers looking for a cheap place to stay while on the road.

Virgin Beach Resort at Daanbantayan, CebuThe morning rose cheerfully the next day and I checked out the grounds of Virgin Beach. I was pleasantly surprised to find a pool right in the middle of the resort. Picnic huts, slides and sunning benches line the edges of the pool.

Virgin Beach Resort at Daanbantayan, CebuI would have dipped in the pool if not for the beach which was just a few meters away. An outpost along the shore showcased what’s in store for me that morning; a combination of sandy and rock shore plus clear turquoise waters.

Virgin Beach Resort at Daanbantayan, CebuDripping from a quick dip at the beach, I explored further and found mounds of coral stones along the garders of Virgin Beach Resort. The whole area must have been submerged below the sea before. What were once corals growing along the rocks were now blooms of white and yellow flowers.

Virgin Beach Resort at Daanbantayan, CebuBefore going, we asked the manager if we can check out the other rooms in the resort to see what we were missing. He graciously toured us around, showing the main hall where guests can order food, play some billiards or read books from their small library.

Virgin Beach Resort at Daanbantayan, CebuHe also showed us their higher priced rooms located at the Orchid Hotel and Cottages. Each room is air-conditioned, equipped with television and has its own toilet and bath. They’re naturally more spacious than our own room. Though I have to say that their design is a bit dated, they are quite clean which is really what matters to most travelers.

Virgin Beach Resort at Daanbantayan, CebuVirgin Beach Resort was a nice side trip during our travel to Malapascua. The staff was very pleasant to us and the resort itself is quite nice. I recommend it if you plan to go to Malapascua and need a place to stay before the final jump off the island. And if you have a bit more time, you might also want to consider staying for a night or two more.

Daanbantayan Location MapVirgin Beach Resort
Address: Sitio Suba, Barangay Malbago
Daanbantayan, Cebu

GPS Coordinates: 11.153261,124.034453
View Location on Google Maps: Click Here



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  1. here is where i saw my first milky way! the staff are nice too :>

  2. it looks like a bed and breakfast lodging, and that library section looks like a college dormitory. it could be more fun for young travelers, backpackers, and single people who want to meet more people on their trip. interesting.

  3. Nice starry night sky picture I would love to see it one day. Great post!

    1. Thanks Juan! The milky way can be clearly seen in the provinces where there is little light pollution :)

  4. amazing milky way photo. it's about time something like that is seen by your camera.

  5. Thanks for your review of Virgin Beach Resort....great pictures.