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Friday, November 30, 2012

The Welcoming Lights to Cebu City

It seemed we never have enough time. We roared through the road as the sun was setting. Palm trees bent as we sped, bleeding the golden afternoon light between its green leaves. We were leaving Dapitan City too soon, we were saying goodbye to Mindanao.

Goodbye Dapitan City, Goodbye MindanaoA ferry was silently waiting at the port of Dapitan City. The sun had set and left magenta embers across the sky. It started to fade as our vessel departed from the shores of the city. The lumbering ship sorrowfully howled across the open sea and darkness soon welcomed us.

The ride to Cebu City would take a total of ten hours and we should’ve been more prepared. With no dinner food for the night, we were forced to eat unawesome food at the canteen at a very unawesome price. Our stomachs filled with bland chow, we bunked down for the night and imagined Cebu in our dreams.

Lights Across the Horizon, Cebu City at LastI slept for two hours and woke up drenched in sweat. The waves got stronger during the night and the shades on the ship’s sides had been pulled down. It was sweltering hot. I tried to go back to dreamland but sleep had totally abandoned me. I listlessly roamed the sleeping vessel like a ghost haunting the quarters of a lost galleon.

I restlessly waited for our destination, looking out into the endless darkness of the sea. It seemed hours before relief flooded my soul, lights were twinkling across the horizon. Cebu City at last.

The Famous Ngohiong at Ngohiong ExpressBreakfast was soon served at Ngohiong Express as recommended by X of Purple Slipperz and L of Travel Jams.

The cafeteria was named after Cebu’s version of vegetable spring rolls. I ordered my usual longsilog fare, but being a big lumpia fan, I also tried out this ngohiong which they were selling at Php6.00 a piece. The Cebuano street food looked quite different from the usual fried lumpia, it was much thinner and has an ubod (heart of palm) filling.

With no itinerary and lodging for our Cebu leg of the trip, we decided to drop by S of Sweetheart Suitcase’s acquaintance somewhere in the city and take it from there; lodging first before anything else. Long story short, we arrived at our should have lodging, but decided that we would like to check out Camotes Island, and so we hit the road again.

Fine Weather En Route to Camotes IslandRacing against time, the road shimmering with heat, we barely made it for the last boat to Camotes Island at the Port of Danao. We had hardly settled down when the ferry’s engine groaned to life. We were soon parting the calm eastern waters of Cebu. The weather was so fine; the sky was so blue but the sea bluer. Dolphins followed along for a few moments and we were soon lost at azure waters of Camotes Sea.

An Old Dock Along Camotes IslandThe original plan was to dock at Santiago where the island resorts are but a chance meeting with a lone traveler altered it as the boat was about to anchor down. We met I of Kalimbonisan during the boat trip, a fellow nomad who put our bags to shame; he was lugging a backpack that looks larger and heavier than all our bags combined.

Santiago Dock, Almost Our Dock Until the Plan ChangedThinking of more adventures, he suggested we dock at Poro Port instead and just make our way by land to our original destination. Who’s into more adventure? We are! We readily agreed.

Poro Port, Camotes at LastIt took another hour before the Port of Poro appeared on our horizon, clocking the boat trip neatly to four hours. The view was very scenic so I really never minded the long ride. But now, we’re in for a new adventure, a Camotes kind of adventure. I have never been to this side of the Philippines and haven’t even heard of the island until a few hours ago. Now I’m interested to know what this curiously named island has to offer.

En RouteTransfer Routes, Fares & Timetables:
10 hours – Dapitan City to Cebu City via RORO Ferry: Php660.00 + Terminal Fee Php11.00
1.5 hours – Cebu City to Danao City Port via Van: Free
4 hours – Danao Port to Poro Port via Ferry Boat: Php472.00

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  1. We wanted to visit Camotes Island last August after Bantayan and Malapascua kaso wala na kaming oras. I think I saw that post of Ian when he visited Camotes. Super laki nga ng bag nya! :D

  2. En route pa lang, photography collection na, lalo na pag nasa Camotes na

  3. cool photos of the water, sky, and island resorts. what does that boat and its rooms look like inside? it looks like a photo trip. i have been on a similar one to the greek islands from athens.