ON THE ROAD | 15 Days Across Visayas & Mindanao

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Travel Across Visayas and Mindanao

For a little more than two weeks, I visited three regions, seven islands, six provinces, nine cities and uncountable number of towns. I saw unending horizon of swamplands, bustling cities, sleepy towns, thundering waterfalls, deserted beaches, crumbling forts, old and modern churches, white sand shores, waves that can kill, underwater paradise and ultra-massive rock formations you’d never believe was possible.

I rode planes, buses, jeeps, tricyles, ferries and boats, but mostly I walked. I traveled alone, I traveled with friends. I met new people along the way and not a few left an impression on me.

It was a tiring journey, full of mistakes and errors, which on hindsight I would gladly commit again. It made the trip more expensive but it also made it a lot more memorable than usual.

Here’s a rundown of the Postcards I’ve sent along the way.

            DAY 01: Lechon de Cebu
            DAY 02: Ozamiz-Iligan-Ozamiz
            DAY 03: Sun Finally at Lanao del Norte
            DAY 04: Waterfalling 101 at Iligan
            DAY 05: The Colors of Diyandi Festival
            DAY 06: Trek Jump Swim
            DAY 07: 
            DAY 08: Farewell Iligan City
            DAY 09: Breakdown
            DAY 10: Back on Track
            DAY 11: Sunset Supposedly
            DAY 12: Biri Rocks!
            DAY 13: Dawn to Dusk at Biri Island
            DAY 14: Almost Home
            DAY 15:

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  1. yaaaaaaay home kana! :D Kelan ulit ang gala? :) ayan mgbablog na yan! haha galing ng mga postcards as always <3

  2. magcocoment pa ba ako? :) nice kuya :)

  3. You're super dedicated, its very admirable!
    The on the road post were great, makes me try to imagine how you manage to make them especially that you post process the photos.
    Ikaw na talaga ang master! hehe! :)
    more to come I expect! :)

  4. naman, napadpad pala ikaw rito samin.. sayang . if i had known sana hihi

  5. idol! been following your updates and postcards. thanks bai for sharing your jouney

  6. Epic trip! Would love to visit eastern Visayas when we're back in Pinas. Will watch out for the future posts!

  7. idol at magkano nagastos mo gusto ko malaman ..

  8. sounds like fun trips about your endless adventures. did you take many photos to create your own personal postcards?

  9. Wander Shugah
    Thanks Shugah! Ubos ang travel funds haha

    Thanks! Shempre dapat mag comment ka haha

    Whacky Adventures
    Thanks! Combination of luck and whatever haha

    Francis Balgos
    There were times that I was already sleeping while blogging, Doi can attest to that haha

    San ka ba Sendo?

    Salamat Bai! Wala pa rin yan compared sa 100 days mo :)

    Pinay Travel Junkie
    Thanks Gaye (blush) :)

    Nasa Php500+ per day lahat lahat :)

    I "send" postcards to my readers whenever I'm on the road Fifi :)

  10. Your blog is so nice just now to see it on website very interesting to follow your upcoming next new post.