IFUGAO | Banaue’s Native Village Inn

Saturday, August 11, 2012

It was the third day of PHILTOA’s Ifugao Heritage Warrior Caravan Run and before the group headed towards Hungduan for the third cluster of Rice Terraces in the itinerary, we first took a detour to the Native Village Inn at Banaue’s Uhaj Village.

Similar to the Banaue Ethnic Village and Pine Resort, the Native Village Inn also offers authentic Ifugao hut accommodations. They have seven native huts available and one spacious log cabin-like restaurant. Rates range from Php1,800.00 for a single hut good for two persons to Php2,100.00 for four persons.

The huts are simply furnished by soft floor mattresses and are without televisions, refrigerators and air-conditionings. Since old-school Ifugao huts really don’t have toilets inside, so does the ones at the Native Village Inn. Worry not though as there are modern toilets available separately from the huts.
The cabins are located at the back of the restaurant, giving it a more private atmosphere and at the same time allowing it to have the best view of the massive rice terraces in the area.

Although we didn’t get a chance to have a sleep-over at the Ifugao huts, we did get a chance to sample a snack at their restaurant. A small plate of superb pastries were served as we were checking the place out. You may check their menu here.

I love their restaurant. Everything is made of wood and looks very natural; the walls are unpainted pines, the wooden beams are exposed and the furniture are all of the same material.
A huge fireplace sits in the middle of the hall, acting as a heart of the place. I can just imagine the fire blazing here during cold Ifugao nights; perfect for the stacks of books and magazines located on one corner of the resto.

Bulols of varying colors, shapes and sizes line up the central divider of the floor complimenting the hand-woven tapestries blanketing the walls.
But the most photographed thing at the Native Village Inn was actually not the huts, nor the food, the decors or the restaurant. It actually is not an it but a he; Blackie, the fluffy resident dog who nonchalantly look at us as we zipped through the floors of the restaurant and took photos of him.

Our time at the Native Village Inn was quite limited but I still enjoyed the small sidetrip we did and would really not mind spending an evening at this quaint inn in the middle of nowhere.

Native Village Inn
Address: Barangay Uhaj, Banaue, Ifugao
Telephone: (0916) 405-6743 | (0908) 864-6658
E-mail: infoatnvi@gmail.com
Website: http://www.nativevillage-inn.com/
Room Rates: Click Here

GPS Coordinates: 16.894465,121.028169
Click to view location on Google Maps 


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  1. sana ganun na lng yung mga bahay natin dito sa manila eco friendly pa at tiyak di naabutan ng baha .....

  2. Sana they also serve native desserts. Sakto sa lugar. =)

  3. napaka laidback naman ang sarap tumira for a couple of months. Fresh na fresh ang air

  4. Ganda...haven't visit Banaue yet. I've visited Pinas during rain season for the last couple of years. It's time to visit home in summer again. ;-)

  5. No matter how limited our time in one place, we should enjoy that moment especially on photography matters.

  6. kinda pricey for me, but i guess you'd be paying for the experience :>

  7. Kulatipot
    Hehe pwede...

    I agree, medyo westernized yung food na sinerve nila samin

    Oo nga, parang mas gusto ko nga sana dito na lang kami pinagstay instead sa hotel :P

    Batang Biyahera
    Glad to see you here! I've checked your site, and it seems may malware daw :(

    I agree sir :)

    Yes and the isolatedness of the place, and they have nice cr's too :)

  8. definitely sounds like a good place to visit.. it always pays to have a cute mascot.. :)

  9. staple attraction na 'ata talaga ang cute dogs sa mga destinations especially sa north. sa pannzian mayroon. same sa rock inn. sa currimao resort i went to, pusa naman. i will definitely visit this place this summer. another gem of a find. thanks!

    1. Napansin ko lang mas friendly sa dogs mga foreign tourists kesa mga local travelers, sana lang magbago yun in the future, ang sarap kaya pag may kasamang friendly dog sa resort :)