ON THE ROAD | Six Feet Below Malapascua

Thursday, June 14, 2012

It’s day 14 of my Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao road trip and our second day in Malapascua, an island northeast of mainland Cebu. The clouds have cleared up and the water’s looking fine. We found a boatman that would circle the small island and bring us to some of its numerous snorkeling spots. Being non-divers, we didn’t spot any thresher sharks, which is what the island is really known for, but it was a fun underwater adventure nonetheless.

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  1. i have great memories of Malapascua. your photo is beautiful.

  2. another wow photo from you! The black & white stripe of catfishes contrast the green seagrass with an intriguing angles.

  3. hang kyut! astig over water - under water na ang mga photos! hahaha

  4. syet! ang ganda ng piktyur! haaay...ang sarap niyang tingnan =)
    gusto ko sya gawing destkop background. pwedeng humingi ng bigger picture nito? hongganda niya lang!!!

  5. another great shot sir! parang painting lang! :)

  6. hmmm... i think these are poisonous. was warned against them when we went snorkeling. :)

  7. Meron ako sa aquarium ko nyan dati bossing and it is very poisonous fish..

  8. so this is what to expect in Malapascua? very very nice! May cebu trip ako next month and now I'm torn which way to go, Malapascua or Oslob kelangan isa lang haha. Grabe tito Christian husay talaga! Amazing shot! :D

  9. this is a WOWER Christian! Idol na tlga kita!

  10. wow! what camera did you use christian? nice...

  11. Luna Miranda, Ian, Francis, Gelo, Olan, Ding
    Thank you :)

    They do look cute no? Hehe poisonous daw yan :P

    Sent! :)

    Lakbay Philippines, Anonymous
    Poisonous daw pag nakain? Or nangangagat ba sila? :O

    Thanks Ca! If you're planning to go diving and snorkeling, it's Malapascua, kung beach bumming, Bantayan daw :)

    Thanks ma'am, I used my Canon D10 for all my underwater needs hehe

  12. bumalik eh!
    Saw these specie of fish went I went snorkeling in Malapascua too..
    Too bad nga lang I can't get near them..
    Mahirap naman I extreme crop yung pic..
    You're always a step ahead Christian when it comes to photos.
    Kudos to you! :)