ZAMBALES | The Ritz Tropical Spa at Subic

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Being on the road for a week; exploring dark caves, riding raging waters on a rubber raft, speeding on mini F1 racers and doing all sorts of sporty adventurous stuff that I’m really not used to makes me yearn for a bit of respite. A soft comfy bed at night or better yet a full body massage perhaps.
On the seventh day of the Lakbay Norte loop, I got my wish; the group was gonna be treated for a full body pampering at the Ritz Tropical Spa in Subic. Everyone was looking forward to this part of our trip and we were hopping down our tour bus like rabbits after a carrot as we stopped in front of the spa.
The Ritz doesn’t look like much outside, their signboard needs a bit more glitz and the façade is pretty nondescript; mottled yellow walls, woven sawali ceilings and to make it more confusing two Shishi Chinese lion guard its entrance.
Everything changes though once you enter their glass doors; their lobby is beautifully decorated. Amber-colored wall line the octagonal lobby, softly lit by luminous capiz windows framed by billowing white curtains and glowing golden leaves overhead. The effect is calming, as if giving us a good preview of the next hours in their hands.
After a quick shower, some headed for their bubbling Jacuzzi before trooping to the massage houses located at the maze of seemingly old and rustic cottages at the back of the spa.
Named after spices and flavors, the cottages are finished in rough concrete painted in vibrant hues of yellows, greens and blues. Old wooden doors, capiz sliding windows, rusty vintage lamps, weathered lintels and carved railings saved from old houses are all charmingly incorporated in the design.
Dressed in robes, we were asked to lay face down on the massage beds, we’re gonna be treated to a Swedish massage. Cool minted oil was slathered on my body and the graceful yet strong hands of my masseuse started gliding over my haywired muscles. I felt every fibrous strand of my muscles relax as she expertly applied pressure all over my body.
I was trying so hard not to fall asleep, wanting to savor every relaxing stroke over my tired body. And as far as I can recall, I didn’t or at least I think I did not. It was hard to notice the passing minutes and before I knew it, she was saying we were done. I can’t believe an hour has already passed, it was over much too soon.
We then tried their sauna afterwards but I can only stand sweating rivers for ten minutes and had to get out and shower after.

Fully rejuvenated from our weeklong fun and strenuous loop around North Luzon, I was thinking maybe we can extend our tour and do one more week; and perhaps we can visit The Ritz in Subic afterwards again haha.

    The Ritz Tropical Spa
    Blk. 76, Bicentennial Park, Rizal Highway, CBD
    Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales
    Telephone: (047) 252-6088 | (047) 252-3342 | (047) 252-3347

    GPS Coordinates: 14.824133,120.28951 | Click to view location on Google Maps

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  1. ang sarap naman. natuwa ako sa names ng cottages. really nice post!

  2. you know what, so funny 'coz I'm a resident of Subic and I pass thru this establishment everyday, my sis and I love to go to spas and we keep on checking Ritz prices and they are really pricey! so I keep on looking for other places but looking at your pictures is like "OMG I am missing a lot!!" I wanna go there tonight!

  3. nice place, I like the name of the cottages ;) great pics as usual !!

  4. ay gusto ko yung mga ganyang ambiance. hihihi! I like the amber colored walls na may buho (bamboong pinagdikit dikit) sa side. Parang gusto kong maglatag ng banig sa tabi. ^_^

  5. Anny, Mayet
    Oo nga, their cottages are quite charming :)

    Haha didn't know it's expensive! Nilibre lang kasi kami :P

    Haha latag na! Buho pala tawag dun :)

  6. Ok sana kaya lang parang basurahan na ang paligid lalo nasa likod sira ang view ng bicentennial park. At mga cottage need improvement.Owner of Ritz Spa konting ikot sa paligid So disgusting!