PAMPANGA | Dinner at The Verandah in Angeles City

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Lakbay Norte bus smoothly ran through three hours of rolling afternoon landscapes at the SCTEX. The view outside was poetic but inside our bus, all hell was breaking loose; the team had just discovered Pinoy Henyo and everyone was rolling and howling with laughter all over the narrow hallway.
We were all plastered and hungry by the time we reached the parking lot of the Mimosa Golf and Country Club in Pampanga. Dinner was gonna be at The Verandah, one of the restaurants at the renowned tee club.

We filed through their well-lit corridor and seated ourselves on a long table in their dining hall. The restaurant was dimly lit with wooden chairs and marble tables matching its wood and glass interior. The team however was still as rowdy as kids in kindergarten class despite the very adult and posh ambience of the place.
I imagine the floor to ceiling windows opposite the dining area looks out over the greens, but since it was too dark to see outside, I wasn’t really able to tell.
A few minutes later and the food arrived. We were served a cup of pork sinigang for starters and was quickly followed up by crispy fried chickens, seafood curry, fish fillet and chop seuy.
Everything was pretty okay, but their fried chicken stood out the most for me, and well apparently for everyone else as well. It was gone faster than you can say where’s the chicken. It was such a big hit that a second serving followed and was also gone as soon as it hit the table.
I’m not sure what’s with their fried chicken, it seemed as ordinary as any fried chickens can be but everyone seemed to be on the lookout for some more.

Our time at The Verandah had been brief, but most were still talking about the fried chicken as we walked out into the dark night and boarded our bus.

    The Verandah
    Mimosa Golf & Country Club‎
    Manuel A. Roxas Highway
    Angeles City, Pampanga
    Telephone: (045) 866-5143

    GPS Coordinates: 15.187251,120.516543 | Click to view location on Google Maps

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  1. ganda nung view a! pang LOTR-ish hehe

  2. intriguing fried chicken haha!
    nice view btw! =)

  3. Kuya suggest ka naman please.. what if I have only 5k budget on a whole day trip with BF. San ba pede mag staycation, kumain, o mag unwind near metro. Very cheap I know.. pero I want something for him eh. hehe.. ginawa kitang google talaga eh nog. Thanks in advance..

  4. Anny
    Hehe thanks!

    Oo nga eh, simple lang sya pero ewan kung bakit pinagkakaguluhan :P

    Sent you a PM Mitch :)

  5. hi, ka curious naman yang chicken na yan!
    anyway, I mentioned you here:

    pasyal ka ulit ha ;)

  6. that seafood curry looks soooo yummy!

  7. Spendwell
    I still prefer the fried chicken :)