ILOCOS NORTE | Stand Up Paddle Boarding at Paoay Lake

Monday, May 07, 2012

Kneel, push, stand and start surfing, or rather, paddling! Yup, we’re paddling over a surfboard in Paoay!

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is really not a new sport though. It’s an ancient form of surfing that originates from the surfing capital of the world, Hawaii. Called Hoe he'e nalu in Hawaiian, the sport emerged once more as surfing instructors started practicing it in order to better supervise their students.
The sport is much easier to learn than surfing as it really does not require one to ride a wave. Paddling Boarding can easily be done on placid waters, with a rider easily mastering the board in an hour or so. It is interesting to note that women have the advantage over this sport as they have a lower center of gravity than men.

Don’t be deceived though, the sport’s not only for calm waters but it can also be performed on huge waves. Its advantage over traditional surfing methods is that a surfer can paddle farther to catch stronger waves.
Paoay Lake in Ilocos Norte is perfect for an introductory class for paddle boarding; waves here are practically non-existent and the water’s very serene. The only factor that made it hard for the participants was the steadily blowing wind which was threatening to push the paddlers in the middle of the lake.

Although the water is pretty deep, non-swimmers need not worry as everyone has been provided with a lifevest.
The sport’s easy learning curve can be seen by the number of persons that fell in the lake. Out of all those who tried the board, only one got royally dunked on Paoay Lake. Most if not all wanted another round of paddling around the lake but we were again running out of time.
This sport’s like kayaking but it’s not, it’s almost surfing but no, it’s not; Stand Up Paddle Boarding’s a new old way to enjoy the water this summer with a surfboard, waves or no waves.

    Paoay Lake
    Barangay Suba, Paoay
    Ilocos Norte
    GPS Coordinates: 18.121096,120.537701 | Click to view location on Google Maps

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  1. this is nice!
    gusto ko rin mg paddle!

  2. Gusto kung i-try! Sana may free trial LOL!

  3. gusto ko rin itry! although im sure masakit yan sa braso after. on another note, nung naalala ko kung pano kami nahirapan magpaddle sa baguio wag na lang pala. hahaha

  4. jejeje for sure lubog skin ang board! nice photos christian

  5. yeah mukhang ngang easy but it's not LOL

  6. Nakita ko lang ang Paoay Lake when I visited Malanacang Ti Amianan. :) Wanna try this the next time I visit there. :)

  7. Francis Balgos
    Madali lang "daw" yan hehe

    Haha di ko lang sure kung may free trial :P

    Haha di naman mananakit braso mo jan :)

    Traveling Morion
    Yung mataba sa group namin di naman lumubog, pero nahulog haha

    Haha sabi nila madali lang daw :P

    Sayang I was unable to check kung kanino makikipag coordinate for paddle boarding :(