ILOCOS NORTE | Lunch at Pagudpud’s Kapuluan Vista Resort

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The Lakbay Norte crew’s stomachs were already in protest as we drove down the winding road towards the scenic Blue Lagoon Beach in Pagudpud en route to Kapuluan Vista Resort for a very late lunch.The rustic tiki-like nipa entrance of the resort greeted us as we quickly alighted from our bus. The resort’s architecture is rustic; a combination of traditional Filipino building style, a tinge of Mediterranean with modern minimalist touches.

We moved towards the airy lobby and further on, I can see an elevated swimming pool in the courtyard. The water’s tempting, but right then, I was more interested in their food.

We trooped to their open-air restaurant and seated ourselves comfortably in their wooden benches. Their banig placemats were totally in tandem with the restaurant’s native and modern motif; the bare white walls highlighting the unpainted warm wood. For appetizers, we were served Kinilaw na Tuna and Bagnet Escabeche.

I was not too fond of the tuna as the only fish dishes I really enjoy are those that are cooked to crisp, I’m really not into uncooked or kinilaw fishes. The bagnet on the other hand was fantastic! It was different from the regular big-chopped ones I am used to eating when in Vigan, rather it was cut into smaller cubes and was garnished with spring and regular onions. The meat however is not as crunchy as was expected but I devoured everything.
The main dish was composed of breaded fish fillet, charred chicken and pako (fern salad), a local delicacy. I love the taste of the burnt chicken; didn’t know something that looked over-barbecued can taste this good. The fish fillet was standard fare and the pako was interesting to say the least.

Before the desserts were served, we were handed a frozen margarita. I’m not really familiar with such drinks being a good boy and all, but I liked how the sweet sour frozen drink tingles and mix with the salt encrusted in the glass. Its appearance, being truly enticing is a bonus.
The dessert was served while we were gulping down our neon margaritas; eggless leche flan.

It was okay, not too sweet, just right for those not wanting a sugar overdose. It however lacks the texture of the traditional fare, the consistency was somewhat similar to a gelatin than a flan, and this might be due to it being eggless. Now, if there’s one thing I really like, its eggs; I like them fried, hard-boiled, runny, sunny side-up, encrusted in tukneneng orange coats and whatever variations thereof. In my unbiased opinion, I think they should have added eggs.
Our three-course lunch at Kapuluan Vista Resort was a very varied affair and I bet it satisfied all sorts of palate the Lakbay Norte team has. With the perfect Mediterranean backdrop and excellent food styling, I’d have to say that Kapuluan Vista is one of the most interesting food places this side of Ilocos.

    Kapuluan Vista Resort
    Sitio Baniaran, Brgy. Balaoi
    Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte
    (0920) 952-2528 | (02) 697-6597 |
    GPS Coordinates: 18.631352,120.859222 | Click to view location on Google Maps


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  1. ganda jan! at goodboy and all talaga a? hehe

  2. "Good boy" talaga? Haha! Miss the food in Kapuluan! This post makes me want to go back there :)

  3. this is the resort ive been longing to try. by the looks of it could be my favorite resort in the north. need to book soon. maybe during the rainy soon for surfing.

  4. ganda ng resort. sarap ng food. ganda ng ambience. perfect place to unwind! parang gusto tuloy bumalik ng Pagudpud! :)

  5. we really missed a lot of the blue lagoon susunod i'll make it a point to be at blue lagoon, eat, burn. hehe....awesome :)

  6. The resort should be using your wonderfully taken images LOL. The official website does not even have a functioning photo gallery. The place looks so inviting. I'm marking that resort as my June 2012! Thanks for this.

  7. Lestat
    Goodboy talaga hehe

    Goodboy talaga hehe

    Dong ho
    Ganda jan Dom!

    Balik na!

    Kami rin we usually stay sa Saud area, next time sa Blue Lagoon naman

    Haha di naman :)

  8. eto yung di namin magawa, mag-stay or kumain sa kapuluan vista kasi nagkaubusan na ng pera haha... sayang, mukhang masarap pa man din yung food.

  9. Marjorie Gavan
    Kami rin di nakapag overnight dyan, would have been nice sana :)