ILOCOS NORTE | Pagudpud’s Blue Lagoon

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The activity for the day was surfing at the Maira-Ira Beach in Pagudpud. Everyone already had their fill of Kapuluan Vista Resort’s tasty offering and it was time to ride the waves. Well, at least for those who want to. I’ve tried surfing in Baler some months before and it was really not for me. My legs were far too fat and unwieldy for surfing, I leave the wave riding to my Lakbay Norte mates.

So, instead of lugging a surfboard, what I brought were my tripod and cameras as I went off and embraced the crashing waves of the Blue Lagoon.

Pagudpud’s Blue Lagoon was used to be called the secret beach before it became almost as popular as the nearby Saud Beach. Compared to its more famous counterpart, its cream-colored sand is finer but like Saud, it gets deep pretty quick. The waves here are strong enough for surfing, perfect for those looking for a more exciting time at the beach.

I started walking down the shore as everyone went off to Maira-Ira for their rides. On the north end of the beach, I can see the craggy Dos Hermanos Island which I think can be crossed on foot. I know though that our time here is very limited and I doubt I can shoot and come back in time if I tried to go for it. I settled for a southward walk instead which would bring me to the surfing area.
The shore of the Blue Lagoon, especially on the northern end has some pretty interesting rock formations that are perfect for landscape photographers. The only problem was, the cove faces east, meaning I wouldn’t get my fiery sunset later. I have to content myself with the uber-blue water of the beach sans the golden light.

I was shooting random patterns on the shore when I noticed a whole tree swept about twenty meters off the shore. Very interesting, now we’re talking foregrounds!
With my camera set on my tripod, I carefully navigated the seaweed-ridden floor of the beach using my tripod as a makeshift support. The waves were crashing like crazy and it was hard not to get wet. I was splashed to smithereens as I reached the tree. I set my tripod and was about to press the shutter when the waves suddenly receded and revealed a drop on the seafloor a few inches from where I was standing.

It was too close for comfort. I didn’t know how deep that drop goes and I ain’t planning on finding out. I took some steps back before photographing the dead tree in the middle of the sea.
Soaked to the bone, I started my way back towards the shore after half an hour; the surf was getting stronger and I don’t want to get pulled down that ravine. I guess it’s true that some of the most interesting photographs are those that are taken on places where normal-headed people wouldn’t dare go.
The sun was starting to lower down the mountains; it was time to check the surfers.

The shore becomes sandier as one approached Maira-Ira. The rocky shoreline, which photographers so love, was gone as I arrived at the surfing spot. It took me awhile to get there and I almost missed the surfing session. I was able to snatch a few (not-so-good) shots before they called it quits though. I guess, surfing is really not my thing eh?
Everyone’s still pretty excited about their surfing session as we started our way back to Kapuluan Vista Resort, and I don’t blame them; surfing is indeed exhilarating! But I just found out today that landscape photography at the Blue Lagoon can have its adrenaline moments too, dangerously exhilarating in fact.

    The Blue Lagoon
    Sitio Baniaran, Brgy. Balaoi
    Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte
    GPS Coordinates: 18.623554,120.860167 | Click to view location on Google Maps

    Surfing Lesson and Rental Fee
    Php200.00 for surfing boards
    Php200.00 for instructors


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  1. magkano surfing lessons sa blue lagoon? i never imagined that beach can have huge waves. sa Saud pa, dun mejo maalon talaga.

  2. Medyo aggressive yung waves sa Blue Lagoon kaya parang nabigla ako nung sinabi nung ibang participants na keri lang yung waves 0_0 pakiramdam ko nga nun lalamunin ako ng waves =))

  3. uuyy, sarap mag surfing jan hah

  4. I love Pagudpud & it was definitely worth the trip. (I was preggy when we went, so mega sakit ng katawan when we got there but you forget all these when you see the amazing views).
    And you captured them so beautifully Christian, as always! =)

  5. omg can't wait to get there! this is the reason why i convinced my officemates to go on an ilocos trip! blue lagoon is the dream!

  6. Super like!!! The pictures are just perfect! galing!!! :)

  7. the dead tree by the sea is poetic. ganda!

  8. Its true that when you're not expert in surfing, dont risk and let your passion ignite by taking some photos at the nearby shore for landscape photography. At least, the decision was really that worthy with the end results.

  9. Ang galeeeeng! Super dramatic ng pictures with long exposures. :D

  10. sir Christian, pinupunan mo frustrations ko ha, ang galing!

  11. sabi nung guide namin last time, delikado daw mag surfing nun kasi sobrang malakas ung alon daw....sayang..mas exciting sana un. :) ang ganda ng photos mo :)

  12. Loved the effect of the first pic... there's a drama in the point where there is a crack seabed by the beach with the lush greens and dead tree trunk on the background.

  13. Chyng
    Medyo malakas din ang waves jan chyng, updated the post to include the fees :)

    Nung nagpunta kami, relax lang naman yung waves hehe

    And masarap din tumambay :)

    Thanks po!

    Pagudpud is beautiful, dami pa pwede puntahan

    Ms. Chuniverse

    Poetic and dangerous :P

    Haha tama!

    Thanks Elal! Puro splash yung camera ko haha

    Haha thanks po

    Mas malakas ang alon, mas okay mag surf :)

    Thanks Ian!