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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Almost Sunset at Coron's Mt. Tapyas

After two years, I finally fulfilled my personal promise of revisiting Palawan’s enchanting Coron. The place was almost the same as before. Almost. The green rolling hills that wowed us during our previous trip is now arid brown due to the summer’s heat. As with our first visit, the first day was spent climbing the more than 700 steps of Mt. Tapyas. I’m glad to say it’s easier but not less rewarding the second time around.

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  1. easier but not less beautiful!
    inspiring words from your post cards!
    I sure hope you'd be luckier than I was during my visit..
    we got hit by Amihan winds!

  2. ito ang gusto ko puntahan... na-i share ko sa fb yong post mo about coron, five days in paradise... naku ang dami gusto sumama... and we might follow your itinerary. Thank you Sir Christian.

  3. there are really places that you would promise yourself to return. sometimes even returning to the same place in the same year and doing the same thing.

  4. Agree! Unforgettable ang every visit sa Coron. Si Maricar nga nag solo trip dito kasi zero crime...hehe.

  5. May pathway pla to get on that area. I was wondering all the time kung pano pumunta dun sa parang may shade.

    Gabi na kasi kami kaya di ko siguro nakita!

  6. Hay I miss Coron too. I'd love to go there again and again.

  7. Hi Christian! Aside from during the summer months of April and May, when do you think is the best time to go to Coron---I want to go there but I want to avoid the summer crowds but at the same time, still have good weather to go around the islands and experience nice sunsets. For your first trip, did you go in December? :) Thanks in advance! ;)

  8. Francis
    We did get rain on our third day, but the rest were sunny! :)

    Haha go na! Kelan ba yan?

    Dong ho
    I agree, kung pwede lang mag stay ng isang bwan sa Coron eh hehe

    Oo nga, saka nakapunta pa sya dun sa di masyadong pinupuntahan sa Coron :)

    Haha dati din di ko nakita yung pathway eh :P

    Kura, Michi
    Me too! Agad! :)

    The Sunset Goddess
    September kami pumunta dati, okay naman ang weather, di kami inulan kahit isang araw. Unlike this time, gloomy yung 1st and last day at yung 3rd day, inulan talaga kami