METRO MANILA | 2012 Philippine Pyromusical Photo Contest

Friday, March 23, 2012

The annual Philippine International Pyromusical Competition has been attracting photographers from all corners of the metro each and every Saturdays of the week like metals on magnets to capture its colorful skyshows. I guess it is but natural that a photo contest has been set up this year by the SM Mall of Asia for shutterbugs entranced by the fiery night glows.

The theme for the competition was “Capture the Spark”. The competition rules state that entries should capture moments that happen during the Pyro events like amazed kids, sweet couples and enjoying crowds. Being a photo and contest freak, I submitted seven entries for the contest.

The rules state that capturing fireworks in the background is really not necessary but it is of course a bonus. Well, I agree! This is a Pyrotechnic event after all, there’s no point in shooting something without the fiery fireworks in the background.

Judging was done a few days ago by notable photographers Jeff Dytuco (President of Zone V Camera Club), Vernes Go (President of PiPho Camera Club) and Manny Inumerable (Director of FPPF) and the results were published earlier today.
According to SM Mall of Asia, they received more than a thousand photos for the competition. And out of these, one of the seven entries I submitted got in the top 30 spot.

According to my sources, my photograph titled “A Child’s Delight” (topmost photo) actually made it into the 3rd spot but was tied with another photograph. After a revote for the third place, my photo was bumped down to the 4th slot. Unfortunately, only the top three photos get awards and recognitions and 4th place doesn’t count for anything at all.  The previous contest I joined landed me a 6th place, another consolation. I must be losing my touch haha. :(

I have seen the top three photos and I have to agree with the judges that they are indeed worthy of the awards. Congratulations to Brigido Alcayde, Joel Vicera and Ronald Subaldo for the honors! You guys deserve it!

To view the top 30 winning photos, you may check it at their Facebook Fanpage. These will also be on exhibit from March 24 to 29 near the Ice Skating Rink at the Mall of Asia.

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  1. ganda pa rin nang mga shots. congrats christian! :)

  2. ikaw pa rin ang winner para sa akin

  3. Ganda ng last pic. Nag-blend ng husto ang MOA Eye sa malinis na kuha ng pyrotechnics. When it comes to photography.... IKAW NA!

    Directions on Web

  4. ikaw na! hahaha congrats idol!!! un ang favorite part ko sa mga kuha mo ang linis!!! hahaha

  5. you're not losing your touch! that'll never happen :)

  6. parang rocket yung 4th pic! lovet!

  7. before I read your article (without even knowing the article is about a contest because I hurriedly clicked the link on email), I looked at all the photos and said to myself, "wow, what a great first photo!"

  8. i like the 3rd photo! oh well, hindi ako judge. at iba siguro criteria na ginamit nila. hehe

  9. Doi
    Thanks Doi! Top 4 pa rin kahit papano :)

    Haha salamat!!

    Salamat sa pagbisita Megs!

    Sayang nga hehe, bagong camera na sana saka pambili ng trekpants :P

    Thanks! That was a stitched panoramic image, probably kaya di sya tinanggap

    Dapat talaga metikuloso pagdating sa pagkuha ng litrato hehe

    Haha hope so!

    Hehe bakit?

    Thanks Joni! Isa ka talagang mabait na kaibigan haha

    Sayang makalat kasi yung 3rd pic, bawal kasi mag photoshop kaya di ko maalis yung kalat :P

  10. you have the best photos in my opinion...keep it up!

  11. Lakwatserong Tsinelas, Killerfillers
    Thanks guys!