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Monday, January 09, 2012

The sky was starting to darken as a convoy of vehicles made their way into the plaza of a famous church in Morong, Rizal.

I totally forgot about this trip after being swamped by heaps of backlogs. It was almost a year and a half ago since we made our way into four churches around the province of Rizal and Laguna. I guess there’s no better time to write about it and be done with my 2010 (yes 2010!) backlog than now.
With a group of photographers from Pinoy Photography Org, I got my first taste of how beautiful the churches of Rizal are.  Popularly referred to as Morong Church, St. Jerome stands beautifully proud against the day’s overcast weather.

Built by Chinese craftsman in 1615, it sports a Neo-Baroque façade worthy of being listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Traces of Chinese origins is evidenced by two Chinese lion sculptures at the plaza entrance, one of which was stolen a few years ago, most probably due to the legend that a treasure was hidden inside it.

The three-tiered octagonal bell tower acts as the churches focal point and rightly so. The combination of blank unpainted mortar walls and intricate details is just overwhelmingly beautiful. The trims are a complex work of layering. And it is said that some of the decorative elements used were even of Mexican origin giving it the unique physicality of Baroque architecture.

Four angels, representing Prudence, Justice, Restraint and Courage guard its four corners and a Franciscan coat of arms indicates that it was once assigned to the Franciscan missionaries.

With the church probably being the tallest structure for miles around back in the day, it acted as a beacon not only for religious matters but for the local fisher folks as well.
Morong Church’s interiors are quite Spartan; plain white floors, rough adobe walls and painted wood-trussed ceiling. But surfaces can be deceiving, what’s special about the church are the relics it holds.

Parts of St. Jerome’s body, the parish patron, were given to then parish priest Rev. Fr. Larry Paz during his pilgrimage to the Vatican and is currently housed at its sanctuary. One is encased at the top of the main altar and the other is guarded by the Knights of St. Jerome and is open to public viewing every Saturday.A mass was being held during our visit and we had to be quite discreet as we photograph its insides. That also meant that we were unable to view the said relics. Happy with a few photographs we exited the tunnel-like door of the cathedral and went out into a more somber sky, time to hurry to the next church on the list. 

Gov. Martinez St.
    Morong, Rizal
    Click to view location on Google Maps 

    PART OF A RIZAL-LAGUNA LOOP DAY TOUR: Morong Church | Baras Church | Pakil Church | Paete Church

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  1. great photos of the Morong Church! when i started working, that was one of the first shooting locations i had. it's small, compared to other century-old churches, but i love it anywayze.

  2. Talagang 2010 pa ang backlog. Ako may 2009 pa. hehehe. Cheers for 2012!

  3. yep, if we want to taste something of history we must go to different (big) churches in the country.

    Eh kuya mas natuwa ko dito sa backlog mo, kala ko last year lang un pala 2 years ago pa. lol. Yung Diplomat kaya breathtaking kasi when you go on top of the said hotel, kita mo ata buong Baguio at yung mga bahay dun sa ilalim, seems like Leggos! Very colorful! hehehe.

  4. great photos and sharing info about it :) Ang ganda! I love old churches. Thanks for featuring this.

  5. Wonderful photos as always! :) Wish I'd be able to visit old churches this year.

  6. when we went church hopping last Holy week, we deicided to do Rizal. And among the 7 churches that we visited, this is my favorite: one kasi kapangalan ko hahaha, & two: looks grand kahit maliit sa unang tingin ang laki nya ehehe...ganda i fisheye din ng simbahan na to =)

    great photos idol!

  7. Ey Christian!
    Can I ask you???
    How do you create those photo collage,
    like 2 pics in 1 frame??
    Medyo lost lang ako sa ganyan.. Noobie kasi! hahaha! :)

    BTW!!! Nice shots, galing mo talaga mg frame.. sapat lang din ang saturation para interesting. :)

  8. i just the love the photos as taken and the article as written. No wonder many bloggers follow and reads you through Christian.

    I am forever enthralled by this captured shots and this one serves as a guide for me in the future.

  9. thanks for this post sir Christian, madami pa talagang reasons na di muna lumayo nearby NCR for interesting places, great pictures.

  10. Gladys
    Small yet, heavy diba :P

    The Pinoy Explorer
    Haha madami pa before 2010 na backlog pero di ko na sinama, basta kung kelan ko lang sinimulan tong blog ko, dun ko na lang binilang yung start ng backlog :)

    Haha creepy sa Diplomat eh :P

    Jovial Wanderer
    No problem po, thanks!

    Sumi Go
    Try mo mag join ng mga visita iglesia tours sa holy week :)

    Haha talagang dinaan sa pangalan?

    Madali lang yang collage, Picasa lang katapat nyan hehe

    Journeys and Travels
    Thanks po :)

    Totoo yan Joni :)

    One of the most beautiful I've seen :)

  11. ang ganga ng mga shots mo... nakakainspire naman.

  12. Edmar
    Thanks! Madali lang kasi talaga mag shoot pag maganda na yung subject mo :)

  13. I love the first photo!


  14. Arianne
    Thanks! Actually one of my best church photos :)