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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The weather cleared a bit as we alighted at the second class municipality of Baras in Rizal, I can now see hints of blue hues amidst the cloudy sky that was threatening to drown our Rizal-Laguna loop a few hours ago.

The next stop was one of the oldest church in Rizal, the Saint Joseph Husband of Mary Parish Church; quite a mouthful eh? To simplify matters, the locals refer to it as the Baras Church.
According to the National Historical Institute marker plastered on its adobe walls, the first church was built by the Franciscan Order in 1915 but was transferred to Ibayo (now Concepcion) after the town was moved there and was administered by the Jesuits for 63 years.

Well I didn’t know why they moved, but it seems they changed minds again after 46 years and returned to the original site. The present structure was completed four years after in the year 1686. Unlike its many counterparts though, the church has remained standing through wars, fires and earthquakes and remains as preserved as it can be.

Constructed in the Baroque tradition (this is unverified though, do let me know if I’m mistaken), Baras Church is almost totally the opposite of the Morong Church. Its walls are rough and bare, decors and adornments are almost non-existent compared the intricate and smooth façade of its Morong counterpart.

What it lacks in decoration though, it makes up for character. The church appears quite massive despite its compactness and almost imposing in its solidity.
A remarkable feature of the church is its altar and lectern which were made of stones found under the church during its construction. It was also interesting to note that the tiles used during its restoration was taken from none other than Intramuros, how’s that for period authenticity right?
Our visit culminated with a trip to Baras Church’s octagonal belfry. After huffing and puffing with two cameras and tripod dangling over three flights of stairs, we were rewarded with a panoramic view of the sprawling town of Baras.

Alrighty, next church!

    A. Bonifacio Street, Concenpcion
    Baras, Rizal
    Click to view location on Google Maps

    PART OF A RIZAL-LAGUNA LOOP DAY TOUR: Morong Church | Baras Church | Pakil Church | Paete Church

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  1. Ganda ng interior, very old tingnan. I wonder how far it is from Montalban?

  2. Love the interior of this old church. And the photos sir are beautiful.. :) I wish I can pay old churches as this a visit.

  3. massive despite its compactness. indeed.

  4. authentic na authentic ang dating sa akin because of the materials used sa ceiling parang mga kawayan ba yun?

  5. Wow! I wish I could visit this place. Really nice ... pictures are haunting!

  6. ito ang huling simbahan na pinuntahan namin to complete the 7 churches para sa visita iglesia last year. great coverage of the church hehe nakaka adik talaga gawing subject ang simbahan ng pilipinas

  7. just love the Baras Church. ganda ng photos and well-written articles. Gusto ko rin ung biak na bells sa belltower.

  8. interesting! love the lighting sa last photo :)
    it's great that they were able to preserve, restore the structure!

  9. Pag nakauwi ako nito pare sa Taytay, Rizal, puntahan ko ito. nitong march.

  10. I've always loved your Philippine church posts. The photos are really great! :D Wish I could do the same. :)

  11. sir Christian, your recent few posts serve as a great IT for visita iglesia.

    you're also doing great things for the province of Rizal, the Local Govt should hire you for Local tourism, maybe your photography would be a great P.R. tool.

  12. hindi masyado malawaka ang loob pero ang ganda ng facade

  13. Aleah
    I'm not really sure, pero I think sa google maps matatantsa mo :)

    Malapit na naman ang Holy Week, maganda siguro mag visita iglesia jan :)

    Doi, Journeyingjames

    Dong Ho
    Parang ang laki sa pic, pero maliit lang sa personal hehe

    Mga simpleng wood truss lang sir :)

    Thanks Kay! Haunting? Talaga? :)

    Oo nga, andami ko tuloy church posts hehe

    Journeys and Travels
    Hehe thanks!

    That's what the NHI should be watching and doing diba :)

    Tutu Bee
    Nice! Taga Rizal ka sir?

    Dali lang yan, dami natin magagandang churches kahit sa manila lang

    Haha I wish Joni :)

    It kinda reminds me of the Bamboo Organ church in Las Pinas :)

  14. proud barasenian! :)) the treasure of baras rizal