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Monday, December 12, 2011

The elliptical park at the center of Quezon City has been a weekend playground for me during my younger years. We’d visit mom’s office at Fairview and head to the park afterwards to ride around its shady tree-lined avenues on bicycles.

I’ve revisited the Quezon Memorial Circle on and off throughout the years but I was pleasantly surprised by its current reincarnation on my latest visit.
While waiting for a magazine interview in one of its many restaurants, I hurriedly took off and snapped a few photos with my brand-spanking new Sony NEX5n camera courtesy of Sony Philippines (thank you Sony!). This is actually the first time I’ve brought this small camera to cover a place and I was interested to know if it can do the job as well as my Nikon D80 + Tokina 11-16mm constant companion.

The park looked exactly the same as before; kids running around, sorbetero’s under the shades of trees, students practicing school performances and lovers talking quietly on benches. It was a beautiful Sunday morning, and the towering pylons of President Manuel L. Quezon’s Memorial stands proudly against a cobalt blue sky dotted by slow moving white clouds.
I wandered off and found myself along stalls of street food; hmm, I’ve never seen these guys before. I guess Circle (as most Manila people calls the Quezon Memorial Circle) has finally caught up with the weekend market gimmick. There were the usual barbeques and street fares plus some budget apparels and toys. I bought a piece of Chinese spring roll and munched on to the playgrounds.
Gone was the old playground that I was familiar with! What replaced it was a more colorful and organized yard full of running kids. I was astounded with its transformation. The old concrete playground sets were now replaced with new colorful plastic and metal ones and it looked like the kids were having a blast with them.
The old bike lanes were now also replaced by a new track complete with innovative and interesting looking bicycles. Kids can now choose through numerous bike designs; cool! I also found a Koi pond overflowing with colorful fishes, a boating lagoon, a new zip line and a mini theme park that have rides similar to those found in Enchanted Kingdom and Star City.
Everything was nice and cool even under the morning sun since the canopy of the old trees that dot the park covers most of the grounds quite well.

I’m glad that the Quezon Memorial administration was able to transform the park into what it is now. The last time I documented this place, the playground was almost ready to crumble from age. It’s good to know that families looking for a decent weekend place for their kids can have such a place to go to without spending so much. Kudos to the local government of Quezon City!

    Quezon Memorial Circle
    Elliptical Road, Quezon City
    Open 24 hours everyday
    Click to view location on Google Maps

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  1. I haven't been in Circle yet (shame on me for boasting of being a Manila girl!) The park and playground look so fun to visit. I'd want to try boating too, and your photos of the street food made me crave for isaw so badly! >.<

    Btw, I like your shots using the Sony NEX5n. But I know it's more of the photographer that makes the shots better! ;)

  2. hmm, seems like a really good place to hang out on a late afternoon :)

  3. ang bongga ng camera! pag may mga contests ang mga bagets ko lagi kami sa circle kasi yan lagi ang venue eh... ang cute nung 'little boy inside the slide' photo mo... i wish i took that... may ganun?! hehe

  4. May boating na pala sa Circle? Wow ayus...

  5. Excellent shots! Yung nga bonsai Wala na? Sundays Dati may Mga nagbebenta ng Mga materials for bonsai.

  6. In fairness, mukha pa ring DSLR ang ginamit! Love love love the pics, especially the one with the kid sa slide :D

  7. thanks for this update sir Christian, wonderful story and great pictures :)

  8. I've never explored this area as well (and much of QC). That track's an awesome idea, fun activity for the family over the weekend.

  9. wow... ang ganda na pala ng circle... parang gusto ko pumunta a... hehehehe... buti na lang nag subscriber mo ako hehehehehe... c",)

  10. Sumi Go
    Haha you eat isaw? Nakakagulat ka naman :)
    The NEX5n rocks Sumi!

    Sarap mag shoot dun hehe

    Michi, Bon Buenviaje
    Oo nagulat din nga ako may boats bigla hehe

    Blissfulguro, Simurgh
    Haha thanks!

    Jowell Madrilejo
    Wala ako nakikita nagbo bonsai eh, kelan pa ba yun? :)

    The Average Jane
    It is nice and clean po :)

    Salamat! The NEX5n rocks! Ang sarap gamitin!


    Pinay Travel Junkie
    Fun place for the family sya, libre pa :)

    Benn Moyo
    Dalhin mo kids mo dun pre! :)

  11. Wow I never thought those things can be found sa QC circle! Sana mapuntahan to ng Bagets for quality bonding time. Hahaha. Thanks for sharing! I never wouldv'e known otherwise. =)

  12. we will go here tomorrow! can't wait! it is now my goal to bring my son around the parks and museums in Metro Manila. we were just done with Museo Pambata and Luneta, we have to come back to Intramuros too. But yeah, I work very near QC Circle but I never get the chance to go there! Nice photos btw. Gives me a good sneak preview :)

  13. Zahflo
    Sorry for the late reply, I hope you guys had fun at the circle!