METRO MANILA | Our Lady of Mount Carmel Shrine in Quezon City

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The first thing I noticed after transferring to our new office was the concrete cathedral towering over the neighboring rooftops of New Manila in Quezon City. I've had glimpses of this church before during random rides over the LRT2 but have never really seen it up close.

The Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Shrine is just walking distance from our new workplace but I didn't really gave time to photograph it thinking there would enough of that later. But time flies and we were soon leaving our QC office on a quick notice.
So I brought my camera with me on those last few days and proceeded towards the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel church, gray drizzly weather notwithstanding.

What really drew me to this church besides its megalithic appearance is its unpainted facade. I love architecture without paint. I prefer materials to look what they should really look and not be glossed over by paint and what-nots.

The Our Lady of Mt. Carmel church, constructed in 1954, is not as history laden like most churches I've photographed; but it doesn't mean it is not as interesting as those structures. It looks very regal with its central tower soaring upwards in all its symmetrical glory. Its rough concrete walls are punctured with colorful panels of stained glass windows.

The church's geometric architecture looks very modern but still appears quite warm due mostly to its bare textured walls. There are hardly any adornments on its facade besides the larger than life icon of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.Inside its halls (which were unfortunately painted), the ceiling soars high along with the rays coming through its massive stained glass windows. Like its exterior, decorations are kept to a minimum, its massive space being given more emphasis. I was actually expecting something grander, from what I've heard from my friends who've visited the church but I guess its understatement fits its motif better.
After a handful of photographs and a little prayer, it was time to go. As I went out of the church and walked into the drizzling afternoon, I thought back to my first days in this place. After more than a year of procrastinating, I was finally able to capture the towering beauty of the Our Lady of Mt.Carmel Shrine.

    Our Lady of Mount Carmel Shrine
    Dona Juana Rodriguez Ave.
    New Manila, Quezon City
    (02) 724-5938 | (02) 725-1508
    Click to view location on Google Maps

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  1. I appreciate how you try to feature what the other side of Metro Manila has to offer on which only a few travel bloggers can find and appreciate it - mostly are preoccupied with the usual custom that travel blogging means going to far-flung areas, or vacation at the highlands and into islands. A few are aware that subjects are everywhere and it is just at the doorstep of our house. Just my 2cents - WALANG KOKONTRA! bwahahaah.

  2. Great post... at least after a long wait you've been able to visit the church...

  3. too bad I wasn't able to attend the PBA. should've have met you para nagapa autograph ako sayo. :)

    anyway, sabe nga nila, we tend to take for granted things that's just there around us. ako nga din ang Mayon,last year ko lang xa na litrato to think sine bata ako dinadaanan ko na yun. lol as usual, nice captures Christian! :)

  4. Grabe ang lapit lang natin dyan before pero never ako nakapasok sa Church na yan :( at least because of your blog eh nasilayan ko ang loob ng church :D


  5. sa KPointe ka pala.
    This Church looks nice with high ceiling, very modern design and using much of natural light with the stained glass walls.
    I bet its nice to celebrate Simbang Gabi Masses here

  6. Epic fail ang mga shots ko dito dati ang dilim ng loob. HDR ba yung interiors mo?

  7. I heard of this Mt. Carmel 'thought it is outside NCR, maganda pala, simplicity at its best! sa New Manila pala kaya malaki.

  8. I haven't seen this church yet since I live on a sunken side of the Metro.. haha.. Anyway, love your shots as always. And I agree that unpainted facade look more beautiful.. :)

  9. I like also a facade with bare or unfinished walls. Projects its natural features.:-).

  10. Edmar Gu-Quibb
    Thanks Edmar for noticing that. For me, you really need not go far to appreciate beauty, napapaligiran tayo nyan kahit nasa Manila tayo.
    And not everyone who reads my blog is from Manila too, this is also a way to show our city's beautiful side. :)

    Pinoy Adventurista
    Haha oo nga eh :P

    Waah ako dapat ang magpa autograph sayo eh hehe
    Tama ka jan, I once talked to a guy who lived in Batanes and he was wondering what the fuss was about his province is all about.

    Bon Buenviaje
    Haha anuba baduy naman!

    I think so too, kaso til 6am ang pasok namin eh di ako abot ng simbang gabi

    Nyahaha bakit naman? Two exposures Ding, one for the interior and another for the windows :P

    There's a more famous Mt. Carmel church po in Batangas :)

    Sumi Go
    Sunken side? Marikina? Malabon? Navotas?
    Taga Malabon kami ni Chyng Reyes hehe

    Bonzenti [Con Tour]

  11. Lovely write-up and photos of my home church been worshipping here since childhood.

    1. It's a beautiful church Aj, hope they keep the facade unpainted :)