AURORA | Dipaculao’s Ampere Beach

Friday, November 11, 2011

The sun was waking up. The horizon was glowing with an intense orange tint as street dogs watch our car howl through the crispy morning air of Dipaculao’s empty streets.

The sky still had traces of the grand sunrise we witnessed while on the road as we hurriedly got out of the car and headed straight to the booming sounds emanating from the shore.

Almost like a deconstructed karsts, the jagged rocks jutting out of the waters of Ampere Beach in Dipaculao stand proudly against the massive crashing waves as we tried to walk briskly on its stony beach.

We visited Ampere Beach the day before, but the light was too flat then; this time we at least got some colors to compliment the dark rock formations along the shore.

Unlike most beaches where the first thing most would really like to do is to strip, run and dive into the water; swimming at Ampere would be the farthest thing from your mind.

The shoreline here was littered with smooth apple-sized rocks that make walking quite a chore, absolutely no soft sandy beach here. The shore then quickly slopes down the water as you near the water’s edge where huge pounding waves hypnotically smash down non-stop.We explored a bit and found a cavernous hollow past the rock walls. It is said that the locals used to utilize this space to predict the incoming weather; the louder the booms of the waves while inside this area, the sourer the weather would be they say.

I would have liked to photograph the other side of the wall separating the beach but the sun eventually triumphed upwards and the beautiful morning glow was soon replaced with its harsh rays. Good light never last as long as you’d like to it to.We knew it was time to go. We walked back to our car, treading the shifting stony beach and listened as the crashing of Ampere Beach’s waves bade us goodbye.

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  1. good light never last!
    I agree, but you got beautiful pictures here!

  2. sir photography contest po ba 'to?

    this is one of your best, pang- hollywood film poster

  3. Waaaaaah 2nd and last photos look so ethereal! They look like stills from a fantasy film. :D

  4. It is not a sandy beach but every beach can be as beautiful as they are depending on the preference of the person, yet for me, this is an exceptional beach - not that usual thing. I also found a Black sand beach and will be posting it soon.

    P.S. Parang volcanic yong origin ng rocks sir?

  5. The first pic got my attention the most among the set - its like a locale set from a Narnia or Final Fantasy movie.

  6. there's always a drama behind your shots. Ang galing galing mo. May pa smoky effect. I like it!

  7. As always your pictures have that dreamy quality that I love.. I can't help but to ogle at your pictures every time I visit your site.

  8. Parang nasa Engcantadia lalo na yung 2nd picture.

  9. hanep! pag na meet kita papaturo agad ako sayo ng long exposure! :)

  10. Christian, how DO you make the waters look like that? Amazing ;)

  11. Pre. Mag backpack photography ka na. papaturo ako sayo. hehehe. Ayos pre, no doubt, pang international shots nato. :-).

  12. Super nice shots make me want to go there! =)

  13. what the? these are mighty nice pictures! they look so good i thought they were photoshopped! my friends are i are planning to go to aurora early next year. imma ask them that we check this place out.

  14. Kakamangha naman mga Pictures nato...
    IDOL ka Sir Christian... :)

  15. Simurgh, Ian, Dong Ho, Malditang "Kura"cha
    Thank you! :)

    Haha di naman, salamat po :)

    Thanks Robbie, nabisita nyo ba yan?

    I'm not sure if it's volcanic, but it sure looks it right?

    Madali lang yan Joanna, basta may ND filter ka, kaya mo rin yan

    Lakwatsera de Primera
    Haha Okay ka Fairy Ko?

    Sayang di pala kita naturuan dati sa LN!

    The Sunset Goddess
    Long exposure lang po :)

    I really like to rin, di lang talaga ako marunong :P

    Baler is so nice especially if you're into photography :)

    You can do that by doing long exposures with your camera :)

    Salamat Joan :)