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Saturday, October 29, 2011

I was looking forward to flying to Cebu this October and get my Cebu Starbucks Mug, but unfortunately my trip to the Netherlands coincided with my Southern City date; I chose Holland over Cebu of course.

After seven days of photographing the cities around Holland, I still didn’t have my target mugs from this country, The Netherlands and Amsterdam mugs. Starbucks Coffee shops are not as rampant here like in our country. I think I counted just four near our vicinity, the word “near” quite relative as I didn’t see even one Starbucks during our tour.

The final day came and I still didn’t have my mugs! We were late going to the airport as our bodies finally gave up on us and didn’t let us wake on time. After all our papers were done, the first order of the day was to find the Starbucks Café in the airport; and Schiphol Airport is freaking gargantuan! It’s like Megamall only more confusing.

After almost half an hour of running around, we finally found it.

I paid €12.95 for each mug (it was much cheaper in Starbucks Amsterdam by €3.00) without flinching. It cost Php781.00 in our currency, almost double the price of the Starbucks Mugs being sold in the Philippines.

I was nevertheless very happy with my purchase, I finally got my windmills and Singel Canal Mugs; my trip to The Netherlands is at last complete.

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  1. I love these huge Starbucks souvenir mugs, i make sure it's the one i use when im craving a massive cuppa! Though parang mahal sya kesa dito... pero dahil baka kasi sa airport yung branch na yun.
    Hope you had a great time & enjoyed your stay there. I could imagine it being cold and a bit grey but im hoping you were able to catch some sunny days din.

  2. I like the traditional Dutch shoes too! Did you get a Delft blue pottery for souvenirs too? There are famous in Netherlands.

  3. kay ganda! pa-raffle mo na samin sa Christmas yan sir Christian

  4. Kuya na miss ko blogpost mo..musta naman, traveling around the world. hmm, expensive ang mug pero sosyal! Dami mo na collections ng mugs ah..

  5. Kristeta
    Oo mas mahal sya kasi sa airport eh, mas mura sana sa Amsterdam kaso di namin nadaanan yung branch nila dun.
    Yup we did catch a lot of sun fortunately, we only had one gray day during our stay at the Netherlands :)

    Hehe shempre!

    Unfortunately no, sayang nga I have limited moolah kasi haha

    Haha nice ref magnets no?

    Salamat Idol!

    Hahaha :P

    Libre lang yung travel to The Netherlands Mitch, di ko afford kung ako magbabayad hehe

  6. there are Starbucks branch inside every Train Station which costs 10.50-10.95 euro for reg size..10.95-12.95 euro for 2 mini mug :) we started collecting cute :)

    nung pumunta nmn kmi sa branch nla sa Koln hbf (Germany), my complete mugs n cla for all cities :) but of cors we did not buy all..

    1. Hi Roan, would you know if they're selling the complete Netherlands series on the train stations? I'm still missing Leiden and Rotterdam as they weren't available yet when I visited the Netherlands