POSTCARDS | Farewell Holland

Friday, October 28, 2011


Today we photographed a real castle with a real moat, two gorgeous Dutch models (or at least J did hehe), and a beautiful sunny countryside full of yellowing autumn leaves; this was gonna be our last shooting day in The Netherlands and after a rainy Rotterdam tour yesterday the sun did finally take a peek and blew all the clouds away.

Despite the fantastic session we had during the day, what stuck to me was the impromptu sunset shoot at the beach near where we were staying in Scheviningen. We were looking forward to shoot the setting sun from this vantage since the first day we got here, and at last we finally got the chance do so during nothing less but our last day. It was a bittersweet afternoon for me at the sandy shores of The Hague.


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  1. This postcard series is nice... in this picture, farewell is highlighted by the gloomy color of the ocean yet the orange sky says, hope and until we meet again.

  2. now the time has come..
    Thank whatever god maybe for this chance..
    and I love your post card series.
    I'm waiting for the real gems that you're keeping.

  3. Holland! A country mostly below sea level. But the sea here looks so calm and sincere as if it will never flood the land. :-)

    The picturesque sunset feels like just home. It looks so similar with Mindoro Beach of my hoetown Vigan wherein there is also kite flying and some fishing boats forming a silhouette at the horizon lik this one.

  4. sir Christian, ang sarap at naranasan mo yung ganyan opportunity. bagay sayo yung picture, you're making the kite-of-dream fly through you effort!

  5. Ian
    Thanks Ian, I'm glad the message got across :)

    Thanks pre! Get the magazine when it comes out ha :)

    I already miss Holland, the place is so serene!

    Oo nga pre, I feel so blessed to be a part of this trip :)

  6. Wow, Holland... Nice, super congrats Christian, you deserved the trip :)

  7. Tina
    Thanks much, the only downside is I'm not allowed to join the succeeding KLM contests anymore :P