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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

For five long years I have been a student of Architecture at the oldest university in Asia, the University of Santo Tomas. Everyday I go in through the P. Noval gate and pass the university chapel, but I can probably count on my fingers (toes included, if that counts lol) the number of times I’ve been inside its hall.

To compensate for such, I’m dedicating a whole article for the Santisimo Rosario Parish, the proper name of the chapel (which most Thomasians, I doubt ever know, well including me. Shameful I know.)
The parish was inaugurated in 1942 during the height of the Second World War in the Philippines. It once housed the image of Our Lady of La Naval when its original sanctuary in Intramuros was bombed by the Japanese. The Virgin stayed at the chapel for 12 years before it was brought back to the new Sto. Domingo Church in Quezon City through a solemn procession.

The chapel serves as a sanctuary against the noisy environment of the university. Here, both faculty and students find solace to pray and reflect.
My first time to step inside the chapel was during my first year of college. I was actually impressed by its interior. It wasn’t as grand as other churches, but is has a clean beauty to it. Everything seemed to be placed just right. Geometric is actually what came to mind when I first saw a glimpse of its interior.

The Santisimo Rosario Parish is actually quite huge for a chapel, but too small to be a full pledged cathedral or basilica. It’s somehow a cross between the two, large but just enough not to take away its intimate atmosphere.
On this particular visit, I was surprised to note a metal pipe organ on its choir loft. It’s actually something that I haven’t noticed during my school days. I promptly asked the guard if I can photograph it, and was given a go signal with the help of a priest. The organ is quite grand, standing about 12 feet tall by my estimate, but it is unfortunately inoperable.

I would have loved to show off my photo of the huge pipe organ, but it seemed my memory card decided to corrupt a dozen or so shots that I took.
Deleted photos notwithstanding, I think I still got a few keepers that showed the essence of the church of my college years. I may not have visited it as much as I should during my university days, but I surely do appreciate its subtle grandeur and intimate solemnity now. As the saying goes, better late than never.

UST Chapel – Santisimo Rosario Parish
University of Santo Tomas, Espana, Manila
Mass Schedule: Mon-Sat: 5:15AM | Sat: 6:15PM | Sun: 6:00AM - 11:00AM, 4:00PM - 8:00PM
Open to the Public

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  1. hndi pa ako nakakapasok dito..makabisita nga minsan :)

  2. go USTe! :) tagal na rin naming ndi nakakabalik dito baka sa paskuhan na ang next.. hehe! sarap magsimba dito kasi aircon.. hihi! we miss UST! :)

  3. grabe nung nag aaral pa ako sa USTe yan ang takbuhan bago at pagkatapos ng exam...magdasal na para hindi bumagsak. haha dyan din maganda magtingin tingin ng magagandang Pharma students hahaha

  4. I used to come here a lot, apart from studying in USTe I also lived in UST dorm and worked at UST hospital for 6 years before leaving. Kaya this church is extra special to me. Thanks for featuring it here. Sayang na corrupt yung ibang pics... Nevermind, the ones that survived are still amazing =)

  5. i miss ust. makabalik nga minsan. =)

  6. santisimo rosario pala sha, kala ko simply UST Church lang.. dyahe naman. hehe

  7. Massive! I don't think I've seen it. But then again, I think I've been to UST only once.

  8. Elegante, payapa, maganda ang UST Chapel. Paborito ko ito at ang UST Museum puntahan kapag dumadalaw ako sa USTe. Interesante at maganda ang campus ng UST. Pinaka nagustuhan ko yung pangalawa at huling retrato sa post na ito. maligayang ika-400 na taong paggunita sa pagkakatatag ng UST!

  9. And again, great shots. Been here before but your shots made the place even more beautiful!

  10. Hi kuya. I'm also from UST. Invite ko lang sana kayo to be part of our facebook group na Thomasian Blotgers. :)

  11. Hindi nga siya kasing engrande ng ibang church sa pilipinas pero maganda talaga siya =)

  12. Batang Lakwatsero
    Haha ang lapit lang nyan ah :)

    Oo nga aircon :D

    Haha adik ka Jerome!

    Oo nga sayang yung picture nung organ :(

    Sarap tumambay lang sa USTe

    Hehe ako din di ko alam eh :P

    Pinay Travel Junkie
    It kinda looks massive no? Kahit sa totoong buhay, medyo maliit lang sya

    Wandering Caloy
    Salamat Caloy :)

    Thanks Elal, maganda naman kasi talaga yung loob ng chapel

    Sure! Wait hanapin ko :)

    The interiors looks nice :)

    Thanks for dropping by Ruby :)

  13. Hi! Is it alright to use your pictures for a magazine class project? :) Will give you proper credit for them :)

    1. Hi Jem, sorry for the delayed reply, please pm me using the contact button on the upper part of this site :)