METRO MANILA | BGC’s Mozu Café Bar, Crispy Binagoongan!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Mozu Cafe Bar BGC

I’ve been craving for a crispy binagoongan meal ever since our office moved to a new location and left me without access to Lola Idang’s Bahay Pancitan in Quezon City. I thought this recipe was unique only to Lola Idang’s but imagine my jaw dropping in surprise, I found the same dish being served at the heart of the ultra modern Bonifacio Global City.

I was visiting a friend in BGC when I found out about Mozu’s binagoongan. The said friend, who also can’t seem to forget Lola Idang’s crispy binagoonan after I introduced it to her, had apparently found an alternative to the sinfully heart-clogging dish.


Mozu Cafe Bar BGC

Mozu Café Bar’s ambience is very far from the cafeteria-like of Lola Idang’s; the lights are dimmer, the furniture swankier, the music softer, the staff (relatively) friendlier, and the price—of course, unfortunately—higher.

I love the interiors of Mozu, it is modern and blocky, but warm and cozy at the same time. I like the fact that they don’t over light the place. Although the staff here is a bit on the unsmiling group type, the service is prompt nonetheless. Our dishes were served quite fast.

But let’s get to the meat of the matter, how do their crispy pork binagoongan fare?


Mozu Cafe Bar BGC

The dish is presented decently enough, not one for food magazines, but it’s not a splash-dash job either. The eggplant that complement the pork were fried and a bit dry, I would have preferred them steamed ala Lola Idang’s.

The bagoong (shrimp paste) was slightly on the sweet spicy side, which is the way I want mine, so no problem there. Its serving size was too small though for the dish, but no worries as you can order an additional cup for no charge.

I scooped a piece of pork, lathered it generously with the glistening bagoong and dumped the whole thing in my mouth. Crrrunch! The pork skin and some of the meat sinfully crunched down my mouth; the slightly salty meat, the soft fat, mixing with the sweet and spicy bagoong. Gentlemen, we’ve definitely hit the homerun.

Mozu’s crispy pork binagoongan did not disappoint and sated my longing for this dish. It may be a bit drier than Lola Idang’s version, but it was good nonetheless. Sizewise, it is slightly smaller (and pricier at ₱165.00) but it is good enough for an average person.


Mozu Cafe Bar BGC

For desserts, we had their frozen brazo which was excellent too. I love how its texture range from the smooth and sweeter top part to the rougher and chewier bottom. It’s an excellent way to get rid of the main dish’s aftertaste.

Mozu Café Bar certainly did not disappoint me, it may not be totally at par with the binagoongan I’ve come to love from Lola Idang’s but it does the job quite well. I’ve visited this place and ordered the same crispy dish every single time I’m at striking distance with BGC, I guess that’s proof enough how much I enjoyed it.

Taguig Location MapMozu Café Bar ►MENU
Address: Ground Floor, The Sapphire Residences
31st Street corner 2nd Avenue, Crescent Park, BGC, Taguig City, Metro Manila
Contact Number: (02) 8519-1704
Opening Hours: Permanently Closed

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  1. nasa BGC din kami nung isang araw.. :) we'll definitely try this cafe bar next time.. thanks! :)

  2. Hmmm, i'm happy for you for finding this place. It's difficult when you're craving something and dika makapunta kasi super layo! The story of my life, hehe! Naku dumadami na ang listahan ko ng gusto kong puntahan ah =)

  3. Kakainis ka Christian.. I got hungry looking at the food shots.. Ahahahahahaha! <---- *munching* LOL! Ganda ng place..

    ~out of context: Ba't 'nde ka pa nagFB? *grins*

  4. i like crispy pork binagoongan.

  5. Wow, the crispy binagoongan looks delicious! ^_^ Will definitely try this and the frozen brazo if magawi kami sa BGC area.

  6. i just had lunch but this crispy pork binagoongan makes me hungry again!:p love reading your dining experience.

    P.S. Your Coron posts and itinerary are very helpful. Thank you.

  7. my new home.. ang layo ng the fort, effort ako everyday!

  8. MarLiesTravels, Michi, Karla, Tripper10
    Oks din daw yung Bagnet nila, di ko palang natikman lagi kasi Crispy Pork Binagoongan order ko =P

    Haha tama ka jan, salamat! =)

    Uhmm.. Busy kasi? =P

    Luna Miranda
    You're welcome po, glad I can be of help =)

    Ouch oo nga, Malabon to BGC nyay!

  9. Asus Christian, ilang segundo lng ung pag.sign-in.. ahahahahahaha.. kulet?! Ahahahaha..

  10. this is unfair, I just had lunch. oh, yun na lang dessert penge, lol

  11. LaiMarie
    Haha yung after mag-sign up ang feeling ko makakaubos talaga ng oras haha

    Hahah sure =P

  12. I only found out about Mozu after our office transferred a few blocks away from it. I can say that they really offer great food at an affordable price. My favorite in their menu is the Baby Back Ribs. :)

  13. Byron
    Favorite ko pa rin talaga yung Crispy Binagoongan :)