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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Naga Starbucks Mug

One reason I was so excited in revisiting Naga City was because of the (gasp) Starbucks City Icon mugs that I collect. It was gonna be my 8th mug in the series, and there were only 11 of them. Just three more mugs to completion and I can almost hear Tyler Durden say never be complete, haha.

So before going back to Manila, I, along with my cousins dropped by the local Starbucks Coffee in the city after filling our stomachs full of Kinalas (Bicol’s version of Mami) a hole in the wall near the Naga Cathedral.

The mug rack was the first thing my eye hunted for as I entered Naga’s Starbucks. And there it was, a rackfull of orange-colored coffee mugs printed with Naga’s delicacy, the pili nut. I grabbed three mugs like there was no tomorrow before heading to the counter to order some fraps.

Pili (Canarium Ovatum Engl.) is a tree indigenous to the Philippines and it is in Bicol where it is abundantly grown. Most of its produce, the pili nut, are made into snack delicacies and can usually be found in pasalubong (keepsake) shops in the city centers.

I was actually surprised at the icon showcased on the mug, as I thought it would showcase the Penafrancia Festival which is really what Naga is more known for (well, at least for me hehe). Nevertheless, the pili nut, is still a pretty good icon for the city, I guess.

Naga Starbucks Mug 

Starbucks Coffee Naga City
Address: Magsaysay Avenue cor. Dayangdang Street
Naga City, Camarines Sur
Bicol Region

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  1. when we were just starting... we were thinking of collecting starbucks mugs. but that time, we're always on a tight budget! i guess it's too late to collect now!

    this orange design looks really nice btw!

  2. Is there a list online kung san merong icon city mug?

  3. Ikaw na ang may 8 mugs! haha. nice ahh..

  4. Wow! 8 mugs na! :) Alam ko na hilig mo (as seen in ur blog) - churches, sunrises, morning walks, people watching, coffee shops at yan mga starbucks mugs.. Hehe! :D

    World of Vhincci

  5. Geez, dami na ng mugs mo ah. Pwede ka nang stockholder ng Starbucks. Haha. And the design using the pili blends well (pun not intended hehe) with the mug. :)

  6. naga deserves it or as a whole camsur. being the country's top destination.

  7. Ron
    Aw, that's too bad! Andami nyo pa naman na napuntahan!
    Di pa naman huli ang lahat!

    Yup meron, you can find the complete list here:

    Haha, actually nine na, I also have a Singapore mug given by a good friend =)

    Haha huli mo!
    Pero mahilig din ako sa fishballs and tukneneng =P

    Next year!

    Di naman, you should see the mug addicts talaga, they trade all over the world. Me, I just get those mugs na napuntahan ko talaga yung place (unless i-regalo sakin shempre, di naman ako tatanggi dun haha)

    Dong Ho
    Correct, hopefull we'll also have a Legazpi city mug soon =)