ROMBLON | The Hike from Banton’s Poblacion to Togong

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Our stop at Banton’s Poblacion was really but a temporary one, our real destination was at the bukid (farm) where D’s grandparents live. And to get there, we either ride at the back of a motorbike through steep and winding roads, which is the only mode of transportation in the island, or walk. We chose to walk.

The hike looked simple enough on the map, crossing only three barangays. What the map didn’t show was the terrain we have to cross.

We started out at exactly nine in the morning, moving southwards from Poblacion. The roads were easy, just a few meters from the sea. Palms and all sorts of leafy trees line up the paved roadway.

A Dog Accompanying Us on Our Way to TogongThe path started curving upwards thirty minutes into the hike. This was not going to be a walk in the park.

Fifteen minutes later and we can already view Banton’s halfside. We were already on top of one of the peaks of the island and I was already panting like a tired dog under a searing sun. One of Banton Island's Peak

We passed by Barangay Togong’s marker an hour and forty minutes into the walk. I was super exhausted, I was sweating buckets and I have no more water to replace it. I seriously considered knocking on someone else’s door to ask for water but we were not passing any houses no more.Barangay Togong at LastFeeling my muscles about to give in (I do cramp easily), the road suddenly leveled and started going downward. Finally!
But it was still not an easy walk, as the drop was so steep that a minor trip would probably send me tumbling down the road.

With unlimited number of breaks, we finally arrived at our destination after two hours. The farm, however, was nowhere to be seen. It turned out that bukid was really a term used loosely in Banton that designates any place that is not in town. Aha, interesting.

There was indeed no farm in sight but there is an white stretch of beach just a few meters from the house, Malabiga Beach, they dub it. They can call it anything they want, I’m going in for a swim!

Motorcycles, the Kings of Banton's Road


Click to view location in Google Maps

Barangay Poblacion - Togong
Address: Banton Island, Banton, Romblon
Romblon Provincial Tourism Office: (042) 567-5145 | (0920) 629-5838

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  1. wow! looks like i need to return to romblon. looks like a lot has change. didnt saw those walkways years back.

  2. No pain, no gain? hehe.. It was worth it though, right?
    We have yet to visit Romblon =)

  3. time to hit the gym! LOL! I feel for you. I was a hopeless case when I hiked in Sagada and Timbak, Kabayan.

  4. Dong Ho
    The road actually looks in good condition, mukhang di pa nga sya katagalan. My friend says its his uncles who layed the road around the island =]

    Haha tama, no pain no gain nga. Very much worth it naman.
    Romblon is quite beautiful, fresh na fresh pa since tourism is really not that big there yet (well at least on banton)

    Haha tama ka jan. But really, I can walk all day, basta level lang ang daan, wag mo lang lagyan ng steep incline na walang katapusan, sisiw na sisiw sakin haha.

  5. haha. Pagsubok yan kuya max. It means you should also be fit kahit na photog lang hilig mo. :D balik tayo next year!

  6. Deeyow
    Haha nage-ehersisyo naman ako sa bahay araw araw ah, di ko lang talaga kaya pacing nyo ehehe

  7. good job.. our hometown is for everyone to explore but its remoteness is for the brave ones..

  8. Anonymous
    Oo nga, ang layo ng Banton! Our ride there was really memorable :)