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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tam-Awan Village Cafe's Hot Choco

One of the things that surprised me on this last visit to Tam-Awan Village was the new addition to their compound, a café.

During previous Baguio excursions, we’d usually eat first before heading to Tam-Awan since there are hardly any place to eat at its vicinity. Well, there actually is one across the street but one of the owners there doesn’t seem to like people with cameras; the resident artist was cool, but not his other half. Even getting an earful of harsh words for asking if it’s okay toCold Lemonade After Walking Around Tam-Awan Village feature their place on my blogsite. But I digress.

So going back, finally Tam-Awan Village has its own café! And yes, it’s not something that looks haphazardly done, it is an intricately beautiful restaurant that can probably rival Baguio’s popular Café by the Ruins and Oh My Gulay!.

The place is spacious, the ceiling soars overhead amidst wood and glass tables. The chairs paired are eclectically mixed; wood, wrought iron, and even plastic ones which doesn’t seemed out of place at all. There are knick-knacks everywhere and artworks are hung all over the walls; a definite feast for the eyes.

It was really too bad that we already ate two day’s worth of food at Hotel Veniz’s breakfast buffet and we were unable to order anything substantial.

So what we did was tour the village first, let them carbs burn some, and came back for some refreshments.

We tried out their Lemonade (Php50.00) and Hot Choco (Php40.00). Both drinks were ordinary-tasting (the hot choco surprisingly tasted like Milo), but the latter was at least interesting; it was served with cute little marshmallows on top.

Even then, we’ll reserve final judgement ‘til our next visit here.  Next time, we’ll reserve some space in our tummies for a full Tam-Awan Village Cafe meal.

Inside Tam-Awan Village Cafe 

Click to view location on Google MapsTam-awan Village
Address: 366-C Pinsao Proper, Baguio City
Entrance Fee: Adult Php50.00 | Kids Php20.00    Open Hours: 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Contact Number: (074) 446-2949 | (074) 442-5553   Email:

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  1. Wow, makapunta nga dito.. parang masarap yung hot choco... :)

    Thanks sa pag-share Mr.Christian.... :)

  2. Mr.Christian... Tulong...
    Ako po kasi naatasan na gumawa ng listahan ng pupuntahan namin sa Baguio...
    Barkada Trip on a budget hehehe... Saan saan po pwedi pumunta?
    Salamat po...:)

  3. Tripper10
    Sorry for the late reply! Click on this link and you'll see all the post I've made about Baguio including the ones I visited some years before:

    Hope this helps! Enjoy kayo! =)

  4. Thank you Mr.Christian...

    Ililista ko lahat to... bahala na silang pumili hehehe...
    Pero dapat mapuntahan namin yung Camp John Hay’s Eco Trail... :)

    Salamat Ulit... :)

  5. Tripper10
    No problem po, don't forget Tam-Awan too!
    Will also do an itinerary after posting this batch of Baguio posts =)

  6. We wont... :) Thanks... :)
    Wait ko yung itinerary.. hehehe...