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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mount Pamitinan and the Wawa River

Passing through another metal bridge, this one more precarious than the previous one we traversed on the way to the watchtower, we crossed over Wawa Dam’s raging water into the tranquility of the Wawa River on the other side.

Huts Along the Wawa RiverThe trail here becomes softer; grass-laden brown soil, compared to the rocky terrain off the dam’s mountainside. A few small shacks, very much like those found along rural areas dot the river’s edge.

I forget this is a rural area.

The proximity of Rodriguez (formerly called Montalban) to Manila can play tricks on one’s mind and I can’t seem to reconcile the nearby city’s barrage of pollution with the tranquility and peacefulness found here.

The deep green pool that eventually rages down Wawa Dam gets shallower as we walked further.

Huts are set up along the river’s banks and can be rented for a day by visitor’s for Php100.00. A local told us that the place is always packed on weekends. Families converge at the river for fun and relaxation. They bring food for picnics, swimwear for wading on the river’s shallow water, and trekking gear for navigating the many trails and caves found along the area. 

I also saw some rafts with seats and cogon roofing that were docked along the bank that I guess were also for rent. Since we visited the place on a weekday, the area was devoid of tourists; perfect for shooting landscapes.
A Kid with a Duck Along the Wawa River
The water here is clean, as opposed to the write-ups I’ve read that it was polluted by the piggeries upstream. We were so tempted to have a go and swim along the river, but unfortunately, we didn’t bring any change of clothes. We had to content ourselves in shooting pictures and wading along the knee-deep waters.

Pastoral, was the word that came to my mind as we walked along the river’s bank and crossed its shallow waters. 

The air was fresh and the water cool against our skin, ducks amble along with lazy cows as the locals go on with their daily routine; women washing clothes along the bank, kids swimming against the strong flow of the water, coal gatherers hiking down the mountain with a sackful of loads on their shoulders and fishermen harvesting the river’s bounty for his family’s supper later that evening.

A striking contrast that I wholeheartedly prefer over the bustling metropolis that lies just an hour away from the Wawa River.

Crossing Wawa River A Bamboo Bridge Along the Side Waters of Wawa River
 A Disabled Man Crossing Wawa River Rafts for Rent Along Wawa River The Pamitinan Mountain along Wawa River


Click to view Wawa Dam's location on Google Maps

Wawa River
Address: Rodriguez (formerly Montalban), Rizal, Calabarzon
Entrance Fee: None 

       How to get to Wawa Dam via Public Transport
       Board an FX (Php45.00) at the Farmer’s Plaza Cubao (Terminal is in front of Jollibee)
       Alight at Eastwood, Rizal (Ask the driver to drop you where you can board a jeep to Wawa)
       Board a Wawa jeep (Php8.00) and alight at the terminal which is at Wawa Dam already.

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  1. ang ganda pala talaga dyan... i'll invite my group to come and visit this place... thanks for sharing,... =D

  2. Nice pictures! Makes me want to visit Wawa Dam again. :)

  3. love love the 1st photo from the bottom set. yung kid breaking the still waters! hunef!


  4. your posts are really national geographic-y. posts like this makes me remember those library days reading travel magazines that has pictures complimenting the texture of the words written; you can see, hear and smell with the magazine you read as if you were in a 3D theater, and much more.

    can you make an e-magazine out of your posts? hehehe...

  5. Pinoy Adventurista
    Ako nga rin gusto ko pa bumalik ulit jan, gusto ko makita yung waterfalls hehe

    Thanks, balik na sa Wawa!

    Thanks! =P

    Wow naman, I'm very much flattered.
    An e-magazine, now that's an interesting idea. If only I have the time.. =)

  6. Merely looking at your photographs, Im learning something...I mean, a lot!


  7. Galing ng photography mo sir, 'wish I win kahit 5 numbers sa lotto & buy my dream Pentax K7, and mag-enroll ako paturo sayo.

    Nasa article na 'to ang mga pinakamagandang pictures mo of Wawa

  8. ganda ng kuha mo sir!, tanung ko lang po kung may guide po ba kapag pumunta po dyan?

  9. Robert
    Thanks! :)

    Haha mahal ba K7? Maliit na digicam okay na yun!

    Thanks! Wala kaming guide nyan, pero you can get one at the tourism office for a fee