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Friday, April 08, 2011

Wawa Dam in Rodriguez Rizal

A friend coming back to the country contacted me recently and asked where we can shoot some landscapes that’s not too far from the metro. Wawa Dam, Rodriguez (previously Montalban) was the first one that popped to mind.

The Sheds Along the Mouth of Wawa DamThis was my second visit this old dam in Rizal. It was drizzling the first time I went there and I wasn’t really able to explore much of the area. This time I was a bit hopeful, having clear weather the past few days before heading out to the dam.

Transportation was really my main concern going there, as we didn’t have a car to navigate through Rizal. After researching a bit, I found that the former reservoir could be reached via public transport.

From Farmer’s Plaza in Cubao, we boarded an FX shuttle to Eastwood (Php45.00). Since we were unfamiliar with the place we just asked the driver to drop us where we can get a ride to Wawa. Alighting at Eastwood, we took a jeep straight to the dam (Php8.00).

It took us more than two hours to reach the dam but I was surprised at how easy it was to commute to the area.

On my previous visit, a welcoming committee of sort from the local tourism office asks visitors (especially camera-toting ones) for payment before being allowed access to the dam. This time, there were no such committee; the local government must have finally heeded the protests from photographers who were turned off by the scheme.
Wawa RiverTo get to the dam, we first passed through humble dwellings that form at the mouth of Wawa then into the pathway leading to the dam.

The trail, which drops quite some way down to the waters below had been improved. Fences are now installed through the path, making the place safer for visitors that frequent the place.

I remember during my previous visit how slippery the area was from the rain. And a slip could easily send me plummeting straight down the rushing waters below. So, good job for the local government.

A few minutes of walking through the rocky road and passing through some caves later and we can already hear the rumble of the dam. Time to set up them tripods.

The Path to Wawa Dam
Waterfalls Off the Sides of a Cliff in Wawa Dam Passing Through Cave Paths to Wawa Dam
Passing Through Cave Paths to Wawa Dam


Click to view Wawa Dam's location on Google Maps

Wawa Dam
Address: Rodriguez (formerly Montalban), Rizal
Contact Number (tourism office): (02) 997-9931 | (02) 941-1295 | (02) 941-1338

       How to get to Wawa Dam via Public Transport 
       Board an FX (Php45.00) at the Farmer’s Plaza Cubao (Terminal is in front of Jollibee) 
       Alight at Eastwood, Rizal (Ask the driver to drop you where you can board a jeep to Wawa) 
       Board a Wawa jeep (Php8.00) and alight at the terminal which is at Wawa Dam already.

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  1. Nice photos pards! Love to go out & shoot again.. see you next year!

  2. Ang sarap na mag-nature trip sa Rizal, sobrang accessible pa. Nice photos! =)

  3. yung cave, parang Petroglyphs sa Angono! pero jan pwede iexplore.

  4. cencya na po ah... di ko talaga ma-gets yung how to go there eh... san yung eastwood? sa Rizal na yun? kasi 8 pesos nalang going to the dam eh... thanks!

  5. coolness! ganada ng mga kuha. sarap mag nature tripping dun noh? nakita mu hanging bridge? asa kabilang side kase.

  6. wow ang ganda pala sa pinaka loob ng wawa!

  7. Jon
    San tayo next year? =)

    True! Pero yan lang alam ko puntahan sa Rizal bukod sa Avilon

    Will search that Chyng, try ko mag daytrip minsan dun =)

    Pinoy Adventurista
    Posted a more detailed instructions below the article po =)

    Gusto ko nga sana puntahan yung bridge kaso wala na oras, next time siguro =P

    The best! =)

  8. nice shots sir.. matagal ko nang balak puntahan ito for day-tour purposes, your blogs helps a lot ^_^

  9. Tengturista & The Viewing Deck
    Thanks po!
    Glad I can help =)

  10. Baka pumunta kami dito this weekend :D

    Naaliw ako Rodriguez na pala name niya. :D

  11. Micamyx
    Uy enjoy yan! Let's pray for good weather =]

  12. nice post.... i'll go with my nephew this weekend ...

  13. magkano po bayad sa tour guide po?

  14. Andie

    I'm not really sure, but they are readily available at the tourism office just before you go up the dam

  15. Ang ganda ng first and last picture, panalo!

  16. ask q lang kung nakapagcaving na kayo sa mga cave sa wawa... kailangan pa ba ng guide or optional lang yun para makapunta dun? if may guide how much ang fee nun?

    1. I'm not 100% sure, but with caving, usually kelangan talaga ang guide