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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Manila Starbucks Global Icon City Mug

Manila, the capital of the Philippines is where the action’s at. And to get there you’d have to ride the city’s king of the road, the indomitable Jeepney.

These flamboyant public utility vehicles traces its origins from army jeeps used by the Americans during the Second World War. It has since been transformed into a mass transport; the body elongated to accommodate more passengers, the seats upholstered with colorful leather, the interiors filled with all sorts of knick knacks, and the exterior decorated with richly colored decals. A blaring stereo and a few metal horses on the hood completes Manila’s iconic transport.

It’s only fitting then that Starbuck’s Manila city mug chose the king of the road to represent the city. It fully embodies what Manila is; fast, historic, rowdy, flamboyant, loud, bohemian, and most of all, fun.

I only wish that I had waited and bought this at Starbucks Intramuros instead of getting it at their run-of-the-mill branch at the mall. It would have been much more fitting and memorable. Unfortunately, my over eagerness to complete the set got the better of me, ehehe.

Manila Sunset Printed at the Back of Manila Starbucks Mug Starbucks Collector Series Manila Mug Starbucks Manila City Mug

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  1. ah you collect SB city mugs? nice.
    i wish i have bought SB mugs in other countries too, kaso gusto ko free. toinks! =)

  2. nice collection... sa bacolod ata ung last... basta recent lang un...

    anyway, may i know what do use for your related posts widget or how did u create it? tagal ko na kasing naghahanap ng babagay sa template ko kaso wala...

    World of Vhincci

  3. Chyng
    Yup naadik ako since buying my second one at Bacolod. Ayun nagtuloy tuloy na. Tatlo na lang kumpleto na =)

    I think the most recent one is yung sa Naga and CDO. I heard Iloilo's gonna release one soon too =)

    I can't exactly recall where I got my related post widget pero try mo to:

  4. tried that before but it didn't work, until kanina lang, try ko uli, ok na sya... baka mali lang pagkalagay ko nun... haha!

    anyway, thanks! :)

  5. Even with mugs, our patriotism is very evident.

  6. Yssa
    Actually, most cities around the world have those mugs from Starbucks :)

  7. hi! would you have an extra Jeepney mug that I can purchase? :)

  8. Replies
    1. That as before. Now, most Starbucks mugs are made in Thailand. Those that were previously made in China are actually more sought after by collectors.