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Monday, March 07, 2011

The Ruins at Dusk

Eating too much could really make one too sleepy, which was exactly what happened to us after the eat-a-thon we did that morning. The original plan was to visit Talisay’s The Ruins for an afternoon of relaxation, photography and food. We were supposed to be there by 4pm to catch the old structure glow as the sun retreats on the west but we woke up quite late. The Skeletal Forms of The Ruins
We scrambled like crazy and sped away on a jeepney bound to Talisay like madmen.

After enduring some traffic and a tricycle ride into a cornfield we arrived at the skeletal remains of The Ruins just in time for the setting sun.

I wouldn’t delve into The Ruins’ history anymore as I’ve already previously covered that. The place was still hauntingly beautiful and it seemed that sunsets here are always glorious.

The last time we were here we weren’t able to taste the food they’re serving as we were already full; this time we made sure that we have some space left in our stomach.

Gambas Al Ajillo at The RuinsEvening arrived and the place was lovingly lit up, we took a sit at one of the balconies overlooking the garden and ordered our dinner.
It was gonna be Chicken ala Kiev (Php180.00) and Gambas Al Ajillo (Php230.00) for our evening meal. The food was priced rather steeply, but we really didn’t mind because it really felt that we were dining in an old medieval castle complete with stone parapets, ornate arches and checkered floors.

Chicken ala Kiev at the RuinsTheir staff  was very polite and accommodating (even offering to take our picture after seeing me setting up my tripod in an attempt to).

Our orders arrived and we were surprised that the portions on each plate were quite generous, each almost good enough for two persons. Well worth the high price I’d say (hmmm, okay the Gambas was still too high considering Bacolod is surrounded by the sea, methinks). The Gambas was good, but was unable to reach the point of being excellent. The Chicken ala Kiev on the other hand was superb.

With dinner done, we were notified that the place would be closing by eight in the evening. I wish we could have stayed longer but I think they do have to close early due to its remoteness from the city.

All in all, we immensely enjoyed our brief stay at The Ruins. And if we mathematify our dinner; good food plus excellent service plus magical ambience, equals to an above average dining experience.

Dinner at The Ruins Sunset at Bacolod's The Ruins Bacolod's The Ruins on Blue Hour
Bacolod's The Ruins Panorama

The Ruins
Address: Hda. Sta. Maria, Talisay City, Negros Occidental
Contact Number: (043) 476-4334 | (0917) 832-6003
Email: | Website:

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  1. In fairness, I'd expect na food would be more expensive. Considering the atmosphere and everything. Namumurahan nga ako eh, mas mura pa sa karamihan ng mga nakainan namin dito sa city.

    Pangarap ko din mag-food trip sa Bacolod. Ang dami kong pangarap, haha. =)

  2. another "cream of the crop" Christian. Stunning pictures that I've ever seen. Ganda pala dito ano?

  3. winner ang first pic, ikaw na talaga! :)

  4. looks like a very cool place! and I love the pics especially the first and the panorama shot.

  5. still the most romantic place... sigh..


  6. Dani
    On hindsight oo nga mura sya considering the place's beauty talaga. Live your dream, travel lang!

    Con Tour Blog
    Thanks sir, one of the must visit places in Bacolod talaga yang The Ruins


    Thanks sir!

    Definitely =)

  7. The first and last pic is soo imposing and standout - 5 star. I'm dying to see this place in Bacolod. It is definitely feels romantic at sunset to be there. When is the best time to arrived there just in time for the sunset?

  8. Ian

    Best time to go there would be around 3pm. Time enough to explore the place while there's still light and enough time to photograph it come sundown. =)

  9. wow thanks for the tip, 'hope to visit Bacolod soon.

  10. waa christian excited na ako sa bacolod....

  11. Can I just say your posts are so well thought of and wonderfully organized. :) Using your blog for my Baguio and Bacolod trips.. thanks a lot :)

  12. Juanderfulpinoy
    Sorry ngayon lang ako naka reply haha, hope you enjoyed your Bacolod trip :)

    Thanks for using my blog as reference too :)