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Friday, March 04, 2011

Sweet Greens Deli Café's Warm and Well-lit Interior

The scorching heat of the midday sun made us scramble for shelter of the cool shades of the Sweet Greens Deli Café. Dotted by tall shady trees and wooden trellises, it looked liked the perfect place for lunchAl Fresco Dining at Sweet Greens Deli Café's Backyard.

We checked their back garden where tables and chairs were set al fresco style but the sun was just too hot and the transparent greenhouse-like roofing was not enough to cool the area down. After much indecision, we settled for the more shaded front garden. Our constant changing of tables seemed to tick off our waiter judging by the looks he’s giving us.

After reviewing their menu, we ordered the following dishes; Fresh Ubod Lumpia (Php20.00), Lumpiang Shanghai Sweet Greens Deli Café's Well Designed Interiors(Php40.00), Lechon Sisig ni Carla (Php120.00) and Fresh Calamansi Juice (P40.00). The waiter took our orders with nary a smile, despite us trying our cheeriest best.

We roamed around the place while waiting for our orders to arrive.

Their dining hall was pretty cozy with its warm wooden furniture, rough white walls, and exposed roofing. Fernando Amorsolo replicas hung on every corner of the hall. The sweet smell of freshly baked bread permeating every inch of the room made everything so much better.

A deli at the far end offered interesting packaged foods for pasalubongs, most notable of which was their flat Piayas. Off another side, fresh baked goods were being sold; everything from Ensaymada, Spanish Breads, Cheese Rolls and Jamaican Patties (which were way better than the popular ones being sold at Manila or so I read). Prices for the breads range from Php15.00 to Php65.00. They also have a fresh veggie section at the back part of the resto. 
Pastry Shelf at Sweet Greens Deli CaféBack at our table and a few mosquito bites later (do bring a mosquito repellant lotion if you plan on eating al fresco), our lunch arrived.
With their dishes priced real low, we weren’t really surprised that the serving was on the smallish side. The Lumpiang Shanghai was pretty ordinary but the sizzling Lechon Sisig was something else. The dish tasted exactly what comes to mind when you mix good Sisig and tasty Lechon.

It was so good that we almost ordered a second plate, the serving time the only thing deterring us from doing so. The Fresh Ubod Lumpia was served cold (I think they really serve it cold). It was pasty and we didn’t like it that much.

Despite the unwelcoming treatment from the staff, Sweet Greens Deli Café was actually saved by their Lechon Sisig. I guess we could discover a few more treats from this place if we could get past the cold treatment we got from their people. I imagine dining al fresco at their gardens under the moon and stars would be quite an experience.

Sweet Greens Deli Café's Foyer Fresh Lumpiang Ubod at Sweet Greens Deli CaféLumpiang Shanghai at Sweet Greens Deli Café Lechon Sisig at Sweet Greens Deli Café

Sweet Greens Deli Café
Address: Lacson Street Corner 9th Street, Bacolod City
Contact Number: (034) 709-0958

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  1. uy yung lechon sisig ta best!

    5 spoons sana if not for the humorless staff hehe.. but really, the lechon sisig's unforgettable.

    must try for pasalubongs din yung piayitos or baby piayas. :D

  2. Dani
    Bacolod definitely is =)

    Hehe excellent sisig, bad staff. =P

  3. I will not mind the unfriendly staff if they have a really good sisig to serve :) I'm on a quest to taste all the good sisig in phil. ;)

  4. inviting yung place, sarap kumain. excited na tuloy ako haha

  5. Juanderful Pinoy
    Only thing I can recommend is their sisig, the rest so-so lang :P