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Monday, October 11, 2010

Corregidor's Malinta Tunnel

Tagged by our guide as the highlight of the Corregidor Day Trip tour, the Malinta Tunnel showcases and highlights the life in The Rock during World War II. The 30-minute show is directed by the very first National Artist for Film, Lamberto V. Avellana.
Entrance to Corregidor's Malinta Tunnel
The Malinta Tunnel served as a shelter during the non-stop Japanese bombardment of Corregidor. It housed an office for the Philippine President, a medical ward and various offices and arsenals. The United States Army Corps of Engineers and Filipino soldiers carved the 831 feet long, 24 feet wide and 28 feet high tunnel from the rocky Malinta Hill. 13 lateral tunnels branch off from its north side and 11 on its right. The place is literally bombproof due to the hill’s solid rock material.

The tunnel got its name, Malinta, which literally translates to “full of leeches” as the place was said to have been crawling with these slimy slugs during its 10-year construction.

The show features life-sized dioramas of how life was in the tunnel during the war, complete with voice-overs, light shows and sound effects. It also played a few footages of the important events that led to the invasion and later retaking of Corregidor by the Filipino and American forces from the Japanese.

This is actually an optional part of the Corregidor packaged tour and visitors have to pay an extra Php150.00 to experience the show. Even if I do have some issues with some of the voice-overs, specifically the American ones (as they did not sound like Americans at all) the fee in my opinion is still money well spent for the whole showcase.

Lights Are Dimmed During Presentations at Corregidor's Malinta Tunnel
A Destroyed Side Lateral of Corregidor's Malinta Tunnel Another Partially Destroyed Side Lateral of Corregidor's Malinta Tunnel A Life-Sized Figure of Douglas McArthur Depicting His Return at Corregidor's Malinta Tunnel
Full-Sized Replicas of Japanese Forces Using Corregidor's Malinta Tunnel


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