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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Corregidor's Battery Way Depot

One of the more impressive gun placements in Corregidor, Battery Way, consists of four 12-inch mortars pitted side by side in a square formation. During the invasion of Corregidor by the Japanese army, these guns were fired twoInside Corregidor's Battery Way Depot at a time by a fourteen-man team to achieve a devastating barrage against the approaching enemies.

The battery was said to be the last one to surrender to the Japanese during the occupation of the island. Firing non-stop through the morning of May 6, 1942; it only stopped as the heat finally took its toll on its machinery around 11am. Corregidor then surrendered by noontime.

Permanently damaged after the retaking of the island by Filipino and American forces in 1945, these now serve as testaments of the destructive nature of the Second World War.
Corregidor's Battery Way Depot
The battery was named after Lt. Henry Way of the 4th US Artillery.

Being there amongst these huge battle scarred guns was really something else, I can just imagine the immense firepower, the overwhelming damage  and the deafening sounds these cannons produced during the height of the war. Surrounding these are concrete structures hidden underneath the forest floor that must have served as ammunition depots. Damage from the bombings Corregidor suffered can clearly be seen on its walls.

Visitors were milling around the guns to have their pictures taken and I had to wait a bit just to get clear photos of each one. Much as I would have liked to linger and photograph the guns in more detailed manner though, our tram’s bell started ringing. Our ten minutes was once again over.

Pockmarked Battle Scars at Corregidor's Battery Way
Battery Way Gun at Corregidor Corregidor's Battery Way Depot Corregidor's Battery Way Gun
The Nearby Repair Depot for Corregidor's Battery Way Guns

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