METRO MANILA | Buffet Breakfast at QC’s Grills & Sizzles

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Grills & Sizzles' Brick Facade

Located at one of the quiet side streets of Quezon Avenue is one of the more famous breakfast place in our workplace at Quezon City, the gut-busting breakfast buffet of Grills & Sizzles. 
The grill, which opened in 1999, really specializes in steaks as their name implies. I tried out their steaks once and actually found them to be pretty good and not that expensive. But, what really draws us to this resto is not their The Buffet Table at Grills & Sizzlessteaks but their breakfast buffet which they started serving around four years ago.

For Php139.00, patrons can have their fill of their favorite Filipino breakfast fares. They have three choices; they can do the pan de sal course, or the sinangag (fried rice) route or the third one, which I have tried and failed every time, the try everything they have on the table feast.

Those wanting to have the traditional Filipino bread breakfast can have butter, scrambled eggs, salted eggs, lugaw (rice porridge), tuyo (dried fish) and champorado (chocolate rice porridge) wFried Bacon and Longanisa at Grills & Sizzlesith their pan de sals.

For those who prefer a heavier rice breakfast, they can mix and match scrambled eggs, tuyo (dried fish), salted eggs, sliced tomatoes, and two other viands that they rotate everyday with their garlicky sinangag. These can be a combination of chicken or pork adobo, tapa (beef jerky), tocino (sweet pork), longanisa (sausage), bacon, fried bangus (fried fish), etc etc. 

During our last visit it was bacon and longanisa. I really prefer garlic longanisas over the sweet ones they serve so I concentrated on their bacons, which was okay, but could have been a bit crispier.

Desserts consist of a menagerie of fruits, jellies, pancakes, churos, maha (rice cake) and halaya (water yam jam).

Coffee and juice drinks are also available, but are separate from the meal.

Breakfast at Grills & Sizzles starts at 6:30am and ends at 10:30am. That’s four hours to taste everything they have on the buffet table, that is if you are able to.

The Cozy Interior of Grills & Sizzles Churos Galore at Grills & Sizzles
Fried Rice, Longanisa, Bacon and Scrambled Eggs at Grills & Sizzles
Lugaw at Grills & Sizzles Scrambled Egg and Tuyo at Grills & Sizzles Champorado (Brown Rice Porridge) at Grills & Sizzles

Grills & Sizzles Examiner Branch
57 Examiner Corner Times Street,
West Triangle, Quezon City, Metro Manila
02-4105345 | 02-9258453 | 02-9281156 | 0917-8139453

Grills & Sizzles Menu 1 Grills & Sizzles Menu 2
Click to Enlarge the Grills & Sizzles Menu

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  1. the very tender and colorless tocino is my fave! i like that when you eat it, you won't be thinking much of carcinogens getting into your system :> plus it's juicy and very very masarap heheh. i also love their mini pancakes and champorado. i think they're using fresh milk to go with that.

    panalo. i miss examiner already :<

  2. ang sarap naman!!!

    pano ba ako makakarating jan pag galing ako ng sitc?

  3. oooppsss...todo smile si kuya marlon ha??..hahaha

  4. Lestat
    I wish they would have garlic longanisa on their buffet table tho as they do sell them uncooked. =]

    Masarap jan!
    From SITC, punta ka Kenny Rogers, then tawid ka papunta Lola Idang's. Tas derecho ka lang sa Examiner street, its just a few meters from Lola Idang's. =]