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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Centris Walk's Main Plaza

If you happen to cross Quezon Avenue via EDSA at night, you won’t help but notice the towering white mushroom-like structures jutting out from the ground up like some strange Star Wars-like crafts coming in to invade us humans. But Entrance Arcade to Centris Walk fear not, this is actually the newest ultra-cool food destination in Quezon City.

Built on a sprawling land area on the corner of two of the busiest roads in the metro, Centris Walk is actually one of the many projects by Lucio Tan’s Eton Properties.

The Futurama-like park is generally made up of restaurants offering diverse cuisines for the foodie in everyone, Filipino, Thai, Italian, American, you name it they would probably have it (I say would as the complex is actually still not totally finished). A carousel, some slides and garden playcourses are available for the kids too. And as with most parks, benches are also scattered under the mushroom areas for those who just want to hang out with their friends and families.

There are already quite a few restaurants open since its recent inception; Shakey’s, Pancake House, Pho Hoa, Tutti Frutti, Asya, My Thai Kitchen, Italiannis and Jack’s Loft. And soon to open are Claw Daddy, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Zong and probably a lot more since there’sDining Al Fresco at Centris Walk still a huge amount of commercial spaces along its avenues. 

Fully Booked, Power Station and a Lazer Maxx Bump Car ride would also be opening up their doors at the Centris Walk soon as announced on the huge tarpaulins spread over the area.

Walking along its brick promenades actually felt like a cross between Ayala’s Greenbelt’s food distro and Fort Bonifacio’s High Street. It’s a good alternative to the malls, a place where you can just hang out without feeling you’re beside Manila’s bustling highway.

I can’t wait ‘til every available concessionaires of Centris Walk has been filled up; restaurants, bookstores and coffeeshops; what more can we ask for, right?

Carousel Ride for the Kids at Centris Walk Desserts at Centris Walk Jack's Loft at Centris WalkNeon Welcome Sign for Centris Walk
Saucers at Centris Walk Playground at the Middle of Centris Walk

Centris Walk

Eton Complex
EDSA corner Quezon Avenue
Metro Manila

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  1. may playground pala dito?..hmmm..makapunta nga kami dito ni Hailey..

    ganda ng kuha..

    oi mccoy! si ate ivy un noh?..hehehe

  2. Lay
    Haha nagtanong tanong pa ko dito kung sino may anak na Hailey pangalan,lagay mo naman name mo next time! =D

    Di si ate ivy yun haha, hawig lang pag nakatalikod.

    Salamat sa pagbisita Lay! =]

  3. Ganda dito, new hang out place namin in qc, of course sa coffee bean where wifi is free.. We love Centris..

  4. Ellen
    Uy may Coffee Bean na pala dun? Gotta check it out too! =)

  5. Is the Lazer Maxx already open?

  6. Anonymous
    Yes Lazer Maxx is already open =)

  7. Hello. Just wanted to ask if we can get to Centris Walk via the MRT?

  8. Anonymous
    Yes you definitely can from the MRT, alight at Quezon Avenue station and you're there already.

  9. how much po each person sa lazermaxx? can you post some info bout this pls...


  10. Anonymous
    As of now, di ko pa po sya na-check eh.

    Will post an update review of Centris Walk, including updates on new restos that have already opened. Will also include info about Lazermaxx. Paabang na lang po. =]

  11. Another good spot to chill and relax Centris Quezon City. Thanks for sharing! is there any updates on this post?

    1. Yes, Centris is indeed a good place for a food trip!