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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Speeding Off on Corregidor's Wooded Roadways

Touring the island of Corregidor, visitors are herded on a 28-seater cable car. It’s the main mode of transportation in the island during World War II and is still the main mode of transportation in the island now that the war has ended. The ones traversing the roads now however are just replicas of the ones used during those bygone days.
The Wooden Interiors of Corregidor's Tranvia
The designs of the current trams are pretty neat; painted in orange, open-aired and with seats and ceilings made of wood. A brass bell is installed off its side and is used to signal the time for visitors to head back to their respective cars. Colorful umbrellas hang from one of its corner and can be used by the passengers during its many stopovers.

After boarding down the ferry from Manila, guests are grouped into their respective tranvias. Foreign visitors are herded on English-speaking trams, daytour peeps on a separate ones, and overnighters on a different car. I think the only difference between these are the language spoken by the tour guide as weOur Funny Corregidor Guide basically went through the same route.

I was bunched with the foreign guys (not because I looked like a foreigner but I think they did not know where to group me as I was travelling alone). I think I was quite lucky as the guide we got was really funny. She was rattling off facts about disappearing guns, heavy batteries, fleeing generals, ghosts, Japanese bombings interspersed with jokes and wisecracks.
One of the Many Drop Offs at Corregidor
The ride takes a leisurely pace through Corregidor’s heavily wooded roadways.  We boarded down every now and then on the many points of interest in the island and I lost count as to the number of stops we made.

Without these trams, touring the entire island of Corregidor in a day’s time would be quite impossible, well unless you brought a bike with you.

I wish they could install tracks along the road and use a real cable car for a more authentic feel. But don’t get me wrong; the ones they are using now are actually pretty good. I’m glad that the Corregidor Foundation decided on using these reproductions as transport for exploration instead of using a unremarkable van or whatever. These tranvias definitely adds character in touring The Rock.

Taking Pictures While On the Move at Corregidor
The English Tranvia at Corregidor Our Tranvia Driver at Corregidor Waiting for the Other Guests After Lunchtime at Corregidor

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