ILOCOS NORTE | Pagudpud’s Saud White Beach

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The Northern Part of Saud Beach

On our last day, the sun finally shined at Pagudpud. Locals and tourists at last got the chance to apply their sunblocks, wear their colorful and sexy swimsuits, don their snorkeling masks and enjoy the creamy sands and blue waters of Saud Beach.

People flocked the shoreline and tourists snapped away with their cameras. The waves were still strong but the kids were enormously enjoying it’s crests as it slammed theOne of the Many Kids Enjoying the Beach at Pagudpud sandy shore.

Pagudpud is composed of sixteen towns, Saud being one of them, and is considered a first class municipality mainly due to its income via tourism. It is bound by the town of Bangui on the south and the Cordillera Mountains on the east. Aside from tourism, farming and fishing are the main source of livelihood in the area.

Legend has it that the powdery white beach of Saud is not really the beautiful cove we see now. It was said that it used to be rocky and gray until a mermaid who disguised herself as an old beggar was aided by one of Saud’s local. She then asked the local as to what she wants as a reward, and she requested for the coast to be transformed into the paradise that it is today. I guess we should all be thankful for that good samaritan, for without her The Six Foot High Boulder Blocking Saud Beach in Pagudpud we would not even hear of Pagudpud.

After enjoying the crystal waters of the beach, it was time for my customary beach walk. My goal was to reach the lone tree that can be seen at the end of the cove. It was already nine in the morning and the sun was already heating the beach up quite nicely.

Saud is lined up with a lot of resorts, from small cottages to really enormous ones like the Saud Beach Resort and Hotel. I noticed that as you progress from the rocky southern portion of the beach to the north side, the sand gets finer and the crowd thinner. But most of the action can really be found at the south end where most of the resorts and restaurants are situated.

With only a few hours left ‘til check out time, we were unable to reach the far end of Saud’s cove. We were however able to make it up to the middle part where a huge boulder interrupts the sand and divides the southern and northern part of the shores. Waves were crashing like crazy on the sides of the rock formation and we were unable to cross it lest we sacrifice our cameras to the sea.

So we turned back. My spirit’s not dampened though as I’m quite sure Saud has not seen the last of us. And the next time I visit, I will ensure that I reach that lone tree on the edge of Saud’s white sandy shores.

Blue Skies at Last at Saud's Pagudpud Beach
Huge Trees Acting as Shades at Saud's Pagudpud Beach
A Kid Playing Among the Waves at Saud's Pagudpud Beach Huge Waves Engulfing the Swimmers at Saud's Pagudpud Beach


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