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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Zoleta Ancestral House Living Room at Abra de Ilog

The house we stayed in at Barangay Poblacion, Abra de Ilog was as wonderful as the trips we had there.

Built during the early 1900’s, the Abeleda Zoleta Ancestral House has been around since the Spanish period. Abra de Ilog being a settlement for the Spaniards during the 17th century, it stands as a  testament of the olden village life this part of Occidental Mindoro.

The house reminds me of those found in Intramuros and Vigan. Constructed of jointed woods, no nails were used in joining up the lintels and beams of this dwelling. One can actually feel the house gently swayOld Doors at the Zoleta Ancestral House in Abra de Ilog Huge Capiz Windows at the Zoleta Ancestral House in Abra de Ilogwith the wind as the breeze buffets against it.

Typical with these kinds of homes, the first floor, which was usually reserved for horse carriages back in the day, was now converted into rooms. The second floor which is where the living, dining and bedrooms are located pretty much retained their functions. The rooms flow from each other with wooden doors interconnecting each one.

The second floor ceiling is about 10-foot high and the exterior walls are punched with really huge windows with capiz-laden sliding shutters. Clerestory slits also line up the upper and lower portion of each room, giving the wind freedom to generously move around the house. The architectural design is really quite perfect for humid-climate countries such as the Philippines.

Being the only one of its kind left standing in Abra de Ilog, the National Historical Commission has actually offered to have the house restored but was turned down by Mrs. Abelada as the house is constantly in use by the family and is often filled to bursting whenever relatives visit.  Our host related to us that they at one time accommodated a fifty-person contingent.  I can only imagine how jam-packed the old house must have been.

I really enjoyed staying there; early morning coffee by the huge windows as the roosters began to crow, sumptuous dinner and lunch at the antique hardwood table, and the refreshing breeze of Occidental Mindoro wafting in and out of the huge windows as we lay by the hardwood floors enjoying our afternoon siestas.

A big thank you for our friend K and her mom for introducing us to the wonders this side of Mindoro, for letting us stay in their turn of the century house and for pampering us like we were long lost relatives.  We hope this would not be the last!

In the Early Morning Hours at the Zoleta Ancestral House in Abra de Ilog Dining Room at the Zoleta Ancestral House in Abra de Ilog
Living Room Details at the Zoleta Ancestral House in Abra de Ilog The Main Staircase at the Zoleta Ancestral House in Abra de Ilog The Facade Facing the Garden at the Zoleta Ancestral House in Abra de Ilog The Back Facade at the Zoleta Ancestral House in Abra de Ilog

the House was originally owned by my friend’s grandfather from her mom’s side, the Zoleta family in Occidental Mindoro.  My friend’s mom who now resides in it later took the surname Abeleda from his husband, thus the confusion regarding the title of the article.  Apologies to K and her mom.

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  1. This is really a beautiful house! And the food they prepared are equally amazing!

    BTW, congrats on your OA 7 win (?)!

    Guys he's on DPP On Assignment 7!!! Congrats!! You made your nanay proud :D

  2. Kuya Max! ang ganda ng lugar dito kila Karen. Yung house ba nila napag shootingan na? ang ganda!!!

    Kelan ba kayo babalik dyan? baka makasama na kami ni Seds. Nagandahan daw sya sa lugar...

  3. Thanks Lestat and Rona!

    Di ko sure kung napag-shootingan na yung house nila Karen pero ang sarap mag-stay dun. Siguro next summer pa ang balik namin dun, depende kay Karen syempre kung kelan sya mag-iimbita haha.

    Sama kayo! =)

  4. Whenever I visit Abra de Ilog (my wife's hometown), I make it a point to visit this house. My favorite house in town!

  5. Lol, it's a really wonderful house. :) my grandfather's sister owns it Zoleta is a family that was really famous in there. Yup nice house, :)

    1. Yes, we spent a couple of days there when we visited Abra de Ilog years back. Do you happen to know Karen? :)

  6. Thank you so much for featuring my moms house.Karen is my sister,you are welcome to come back 🥰