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Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Fireplace at the St. Joseph's Main Hall

Last on my Sagada series is the place I stayed in for the three days I spent on that mountain retreat, the rustic St. Joseph’s Resthouse.

The inn is owned and run by the Episcopal Diocese of Northern Philippines and has been in operation since theThe Entrance to St. Joseph's Resthouse 1960’s, one of the oldest if not the oldest hotel in Sagada. It is actually more of a compound rather than a single apartment. 

Being situated on a knoll, visitors start off by ascending one hundred and eight stone steps before reaching the main house. Dotting the hill are separate bungalows that are also rented out and St. Joe’s Restaurant, the inn’s own separate bistro. It has a grand view of the town especially on its second floor terraced deck.

The cottages are mostly made of wood and have a very rustic log cabin feel to it. Their prices range from Php500.00 dorm rooms to Php3,500.00 large cottages. Each one has their own bathrooms with hot and cold water except for the dorm The Path to the Main House at Sagada's St. Joseph Resthouserooms, which has a common one. Prices are discounted by 20% during the July to September off-peak season.

I was expecting to get one of the dorm rooms during my stay, but got the Php1,200.00 Twin Bed Room instead. This really tied up my budget as I only brought enough for a Php400.00 per night room. It can get quite full during peak season, so book early.

The room was clean, with the exception of some stains on the bathroom toilet (I’m nitpicking here though). I was on panic-mode a few minutes into the room though as there were no towels in sight. Expecting my accommodation to of course have it, I did not bring any. I finally had to ask for one at the reception area where they gave me some. Toiletries are not included too, so bring your own or just buy at the stores near the inn. I thought their staff was a bit aloof on initial impression but they warmed up eventually. 
Flowered Pathway at Sagada's St. Joseph ResthouseNights and early mornings get quite cold in Sagada and their bed’s thick comforter is a real winner.

One thing though, the walls dividing the rooms are not soundproof; you can actually hear the conversations next door. Good thing there is no TV or noise level would have been intolerable.

Last but most important of all, no ghosts! Or at least I did not encounter one hehe. I slept soundly on both nights.

With its lush environment, scenic view, tranquil location, cozy interiors, and accommodating staff, it was a pleasant stay at St. Joseph’s Inn. I would definitely recommend it to anyone going up to Sagada.

The Main Lobby at Sagada's St. Joseph Resthouse The Inn's Rustic Interiors at Sagada's St. Joseph Resthouse Really Nice Sunrise View Here at Sagada's St. Joseph Resthouse

   Saint Joseph Resthouse
   Address: Poblacion, Sagada, 2619 Mountain Province
   Telephone: (0927) 236-0344

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  1. the wood interiors make the inn look very inviting. parang sarap tumambay :D

  2. Lestat
    Yup masarap jan lalo na pag sa gabi, may terrace sila na kita yung buong town. =)