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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Black Beans at Sagada's Saturday Market

A long stretch of Sagada’s main road transforms from a concrete byway to a bustling marketplace every Saturday. This is apparently the Sagadan way of doing their weekly shopping.
Live Chickens for Sale at Sagada's Saturday Market
Placed on burlap sacks are beans of every kind; spread on tarps, cabbages, potatoes, and other root crops; live chickens on wire mesh cages; clothes, housewares, toys, and almost everything a regular market has, they have it here. 

The only thing missing though are the fishes and other seafoods. The only ones I saw were a few smoked fishes like tinapa and tuyo. I was even told that even though tilapias can be grown on ponds, they never really reach a good size. This might be due to the high elevation of the place.
Potatoes at Sagada's Saturday Market
The vegetables are priced really low, I however did not want to lug all those crops all the way down through the 11-hour ride back to Manila so I just had to content myself on looking and taking photographs. Those staying at dorms with access to kitchens on the other hand would have a grand time with all those cheap veggies around.  So, for those planning to visit Sagada, time your arrival on a Saturday.

There was also the usual food stands selling hamburgers, squid balls, fish balls and halo-halos. And their halo-halo is really one of a kind too; included with the milky crushed ice and the usual gamut of sweet ingredients are macaronis. Yup, you can have your favorite cold treat with pasta. A few tourists wouldn’t dare try it, but its taste really doesn’t differ that much from the ones we’re accustomed to in Manila.

The streets were busy from the break of dawn up until my jeep to Bontoc started on its way out of Sagada. I was lucky that my vacation ended on a Saturday or I would never have witnessed this unique guerilla-type of market; here today, gone tomorrow.

A Sagada Local, the Sidewalk Her Stall 
Fresh Sagada Cabbages A Market in the Middel of the Street at Sagada

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  1. yes there are that many seafood and it makes sense coz the place is far from the sea. i did see guinumis being sold in the market which is like french fries or sundae here in metro manila. nice shots of the market.

  2. Karl
    Thanks man! I just learned something new today, Guinumis! =P

  3. i remember this when i was there last year, the halo halo has an elbow macaroni on it (halo halo talaga!) :D

  4. Romz
    Haha yes, ibang klase nga ang halo halo nila jan

  5. One of my biggest regret was not going to Sagada back when I was still living in the Philippines. What an amazing place! Thanks this post.

    1. It is indeed one of Philippines' best places to see. Miss this place too.