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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Eating a buffet lunch with your feet dangling down on a rushing stream, sunbeams streaming down the canopy leaves and a gigantic waterfall just a few yards away from you is what usually comes to mind when one mentions the famous resort in Laguna, The Villa Escudero.  

Villa Escudero was founded during the late 1800’s by Don Placido Escudero, a Spaniard; and his Filipina wife Dona Claudia Marasigan.  Originally a coconut plantation, a resort was added later and was opened to the public in 1981.  The Escudero’s still live within the villa in a gated garden mansion.

The estate houses a San Sebastian church replica museum 20100119-ESCUDERO-D80-0014which showcases the collections of the Escudero family throughout the centuries.  It also has a chapel, four swimming pools, a river where one can go rafting, a waterfall where lunch is can eat a buffet lunch down its stream and comfortable nipa-styled accommodations.

The Villa can be easily reached by a three-hour ride via Lucena bound buses; just ask the driver to drop you off at Villa Escudero.  From there, a tricycle awaits visitors to drive them straight to its gates.

A daytour cost about a thousand pesos; it includes a tour of the museum, a buffet lunch at the Labasin Falls, a swim to any of the pools in the resort, and a raft ride in the serene waters of the river beside the cottages. 

Taking you to these locations are carabao-drawn carts, complete with Filipiniana themed coachmen.  At the back of the cart sits a guitarist and a songstress which belts out your 20100119-ESCUDERO-D80-0024grandma’s favorite Filipino folk songs. 

I tell you, it is really really nice.  It’s like being transported back at the turn of the century; on your way through green windy ricefields, with your compadres singing about how good life is.  The songs are quite familiar but I’ve never heard them sung properly before.  I still can’t get that Ibong Pipit song out of my head. 

Guests also have the option to stay overnight on any of the warm and comfortable guest houses inside the resort.  Cost can run as low as P2,000 per head if you’re coming in as a group.  That really quite a bargain, considering you’ll be staying at one of the premium cottages located at the edge of the river with veranda’s right by the water.  It includes the famous buffet lunch, dinner, and breakfast.

Villa Escudero is perfect for unwinding your metro weary souls.  Just set yourselves down at their gates and let them take care of the rest.  

     Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort
     Address: San Pablo City, Philippines
     Manila Office: 1059 Estrada Street, Malate 1004 Metro Manila
     Telephone: (632) 521-0830 | (632) 523-0392 | (632) 523-2944
     Fax Number: (632) 521-869

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  1. how to get there in villa escudero via commute? once the bus drop you off at the arch of boundary of tiaong and san pablo? may i ask if there a trycycle terminal waiting there for you to bring at the entrance of villa escudero? Cause, they said that it is far to walk to the entrance?
    pls advise. thanks.

  2. Anonymous
    Just remind the bus driver to drop you off at Villa Escudero, tricycles are readily available at the drop-off waiting shed.

  3. Sakto ppunta kme d2 sa May! Nice Blog as always! :)

  4. do they have their own site? thanks..

  5. z0316
    Yes they do:

  6. Can you just go for the restaurant or should you book the day tour?

    1. Hi, it's the same rate with the daytour if you just want to have lunch at the restaurant.