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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sunrise at Lake Sampaloc

Got nothing to do on a lazy weekend? San Pablo, Laguna’s largest body of water, the majestic Lake Sampaloc is just two rides away from the hustle and bustle of Manila.

Take a San Pablo bound bus from any of the bus stations in Cubao and ask the driver to drop you off at San Pablo Medical. From there get a tricycle to drive you to the Kapitolyo.  In a maximum of three hours, you’re there! 
A boy tends a fishpen
Sampaloc Lake is the largest of the famed seven lakes of Laguna. Situated at the back of the San Pablo City Hall, it has since been redeveloped as a park for the local people. A paved roadway ran along its bank where joggers and bikers frequent during the mornings and afternoons. Café’s, restaurants and inns offering good food and quite respite can be found along its roadway, all with a complete view of the serene lake.

If you plan to tour the area, the perimeter of the lake can be walked in an hour or so. The roadway is lined with trees so there is quite a shade even with the sun up high. Watch out for the dogs though, as I encountered quite a few along the way.

Best time to go at Lake Sampaloc is in the mornings. Have a walk along its paved banks; see the mists rise up from its lotus laden placid waters and watch the passing joggers sweep by. Have a squid barbeque from the many street stalls perhaps before having a full breakfast at one of the café’s fronting the lake. Soak in the calmness of one of Laguna’s most tranquil lake and watch the welcoming sun peek from behind the streaking clouds of Mount Banahaw.

Lotus galore! A fishing village Lotuses vs Clouds
A serene morning at Lake Sampaloc
Morning lotuses against a backdrop of light

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  1. Your pictures look so serene!
    perfect for any travel mag! :)

  2. Ang ganda ng photos Christian!!!!!!!!!!!
    I bet mas maganda yan in person. Gusto ko rin tuloy puntahan! Sana maulit yung 7 lakes tour.

  3. Nice Pics.... If your going to San Pablo, don't miss out going to Lake Pandin and Lake Yambo.

  4. Francis
    Thanks! Nasakto maganda yung ilaw eh :)

    Next time! :)

    Yup we went through all the seven lakes :)

  5. Hi sir, may I know kung kelan or what time of the month nagbobloom yung lotus? Some of my friends went there but the lotus are still not yet blooming.